New Humboldt Enail

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Dr.Fumbles, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. I sold my old gaint box enail to a friend and ordered the super small humboldt metal case enail. I knew the thing was small but omg. I really like the coil it came with, bends down perfectly to help keep the rig even Stabler. Picked up a new infiniti nail while I was at it as well.

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  2. you dabbers are too much.. lol. looks interesting! i never used an e-nail before
  3. Nah we just always evolving. Get it right son!


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    How much! That thing is prety tiny although idk how it would fair with my 4" knine

    They should make tiny coils for tiny rigs

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  5. $420 for the enail and coil. Then another $150 for the new nail. And I think the knine is way to small probably
  6. It's the coil that would be the problem, need a lighter one

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  7. That's pretty dope! I have the Errlectric concentration station and even that one is small af!

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