New HTC Incredible Android Phone a Disappointment, Exchanging for Blackberry

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by JollyStoner, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I guess this is more of a rant than an actual review of the device but I want to share this with everyone else so you dont end up finding out the hard way.

    Last week I upgraded our phones to the new HTC Incredible with Verizon Wireless. I picked up 2 of these. One for me, and one for my wife. After about a week of owning them I've decided to return them.

    Feature Rich
    Awesome screen
    Very responsive OS
    Lots of excellent apps
    Excellent voice recognition and touchscreen quality


    Minor con (the camera is not that great for an 8 MP camera, its just "ok")

    The biggest con and deal breaker for me is the battery life. I cant believe in this day and age they would even dare to release a battery like this with such an advanced device. I took my phone off charge at 8 am this morning, by 2 pm my phone was already at HALF charge and I've only made 2 or 3 short phone calls (a couple minutes each). We barely make it through the day. I've found myself looking for a land-line more often this past week in fear of draining the cell battery.

    I really wonder how anyone can go through a day using this device for sending/receiving emails, car navigation, playing games, or surfing the internet. Its seriously a joke. What good is a feature rich phone like this when you cant even use the features? Its ridiculous.

    The phone comes with a 1300 mah battery and they are releasing a 2150 mah battery soon for $60.00 each. After spending about $400 for these things I dont think I'm ready to drop another $120 just to get another 850 mah (about a half day's charge with MINIMAL usage) out of it. This should have been a free upgrade to customers.

    I've checked to make sure there are no extra apps running. I close out of everything and disabled Wifi and GPS. Even if the phone did lasted a full day with moderate to heavy use; what if I forget to charge my phone ONE night? Am I dead in the water the next day? Thats not acceptable. I've owned blackberries in the past (ofcourse they are not as feature rich) and I've been used to getting a good 2 to 3 days of moderate use (including navigation in the car) without having to charge.

    At this point the only features I'm interested in are Phone, GPS Navigation, Email, and some internet browsing. I'm sorry to say but I think Im going to be switching to a blackberry.

    Everyone seems to love the iPhone, is the battery on the iPhone this bad too? Its a shame that its only available on AT&T. I prefer Verizon over AT&T.
  2. Husband works for them and doesn't like the phone. :)
  3. the iphone battery will last you at least a day. if you are browsing a lot of internet at 3g speeds then it may be a little less, but overall pretty great battery life on the 3GS. i mean honestly apple knows their shit, it seems like every phone is trying to outperform the iphone yet it doesn't. the iphone may not do a lot of the things that the new phones are able to do, yet it does those few things, VERY well. that's what is important in my eyes.

    oh and i've messed around with the HTC os...and i absolutely hate it. where is the simplicity? and really laggy considering it has a 1ghz processor. try hacking it to DROID, heard it runs better...maybe you'll like it then.
  4. Rooting to get rid of HTC sense wouldnt do too much...

    And from what I've read on the android forums i frequent the incredibles battery life is absolute shit compared to the Droid or Eris, i would suggest trying out one of them
  5. Just to clarify.. the Incredible runs Google's Android OS.. not HTC's own OS.
  6. Anyone for palm pre? Just got a palm pre plus a few days ago and despite the crappy app store and mediocre battery life it is a stupendous phone
  7. I just got the touch pro 2 yesterday, I'll tell you how long the battery life is on it. I charged it last night around 2 am, turned it on today at 12 pm when I woke up, and its 7:15 now, 80% battery and I've been using it all day (messing with ringtones, vibration settings, browsing, wifi on/off every hour to just fool around, etc). I just installed some new mod's on it, and it's running pretty strong now (One that removes that annoying ass "SMS Sent" notification, and one that keeps my RAM percentage at about 35%-40%)
  8. I got the Hero last weekend. The thing is really more computer than phone. As a bit of a techie, I love the phone because whatever I need to do, I an probably find a way to use the phone.

    That being said, the battery life indeed sucks. Supposedly the batteries begin to retain more of a charge after about 30 days of charging (I mean charging it regularly for a month) but I remain skeptical to that claim. Personally, I think Android phones are great for the type of person that isn't usually far away from a USB plug...but I wouldn't reccomend it to my folks, who are in their 50s. Apple has somewhat worked themselves into a corner going only with AT&T through at least 2012. I expect Android will gain a larger and larger presence, the technology will improve faster with the increased demand, and eventually we'll see Android really take off in the non-niche market.

    Then again, I'm kind of anti-apple these changed, man!
  9. I just recently got the HTC Hero and I might return it also. I don't know if I still can I've had it for a little less than a month.

    - Okay internet speed
    - Touch screen is nice
    - Loads fast
    - Apps
    - Looks great

    - Camera is broken from nothing. It literally just died.
    - Short ass battery life (like.. 8 hours usually)
    - Sometimes is very laggy.
    - My contacts are fucking up alot. I added a contact without the area code and a message came to me saying I needed it. I then eddited the contact and put the area code. 1/5 texts I send to the contact will come back saying "Needs area code" just like the first message so I have to reopen the contact and start a new conversation basically.
    - Pisses me off daily for something.

  10. I have a Blackberry Tour and aside from glitches in every damn OS Sprint puts out, it works perfectly.
  11. My phones battery life is fine, 80% battery life and I've been using it since 2 pm yesterday on a full charge (EST timezone, and it's almost 11 am now, (Minus the 12 hours I slept)), and it's great. The only trouble I've had with mine is that my battery wouldn't charge yesterday, so I just removed battery & micro-sd card and put it back in, then it worked fine.

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