new hps...what should i do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starvingstudent, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. hey i got this new 400w hps and just built a 4x4x5 foot box but now im not sure how close the hps should be to my 6 seedlings that are anywhere between an inch to 3 inches?
    i also have a three footer so how close should it be to that too?
  2. do you have the 3 footer in the same room as you young ones?.....the ratio for a 400w HPS light from the plant is 16", but i have mine a bit lower and the fan on all the time to allow for the would be best if the 3 footer was in another room, as it's gonna want to get flowered before the rest of the plants......worst case scenario would be to keep topping the 3 footer and wait till the others catch up.....good luck.....check the site under my sig for some grow tips....Peace out...Sid

    ps....if you live in a hot climate you could try to work you're plant to flower....12 daylight and 12 darkness....i mean like let it get light from a secondery source like the sun and then into a light proof room or wardrobe or something.....if i were you i'd be more concerned at the moment with keeping the light close to the young ones to get a nice bushy grow......good luck
  3. thanks for the help sid...this is my first grow so i just got everything set up and now i have the 3foot plant flowering in a seperate box and then when it has to go back under the hps i move the light up a bit and then prop the seedlings up on top of something to raise them up to the light.

    i think im just gonna flower this plant and then when the seedlings are ready i will flower them together. but how close shold the light be to the seedlings? the same 16"?

    hopefully everything goes well with this first grow with the seeds i've collected and then for my next grow i have some Legends Ultimate Indica seeds that i you know of an average possible yield in my conditions?
  4. if the young ones are 3" it will be o.k. to put them under the HPS, as for yield....can be anything from zero to like 24 oz....depending on how good you are it, and what strain....hey critter when you gonna post the pic's of those plants you have with 24 oz on them? out...Sid

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