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  1. ok so i got myself a new HPS 70W its an outdoor light, i have it hooked up to my timer through an extension chord, and about every 10 or 15 min it turns off and back on, does anyone know why this could be? is it ok to leave it how it is in a safe manner? or will it turn my baby hermie? i dont know what to expect so im just gonna leave it on because i know she loves it, any help is loved. im not tryin to burn the house down ya know?
    thanks in advance!

    oh and i got some bangin nuggets, and im soooo high
  2. First you need to find out if its the light or the timer thats causing the problem.

    1. Plug the light directly into the wall and see if the problem persists.
    - If it is still doing it, then its the light thats the problem.
    - If it fixes the problem, your timer is bad.

    If the timer is bad it is extremely dangerous and you should replace it immediately.

    If the light is doing it on its own, it still should be considered dangerous.

    I don't think that it will hermie your plant in the veg stage but while flowering it may.

    Hope that helps. :bongin:
  3. I would also make sure that your timer has a three prong plug for plugging it in and three prongs for plugging the ballast into it. If it does not, I would buy a better one.
  4. Is it on for 15 min then off for 15 min repeating, or is it on for 15 min then pops off for a few seconds and then back on?

    Please describe your timer, is it digital or does it have a round dial on its face that you do something with pins or tabs for setting the time?

    I am wondering exactly how you have the timer truly set.

  5. There's no motion sensor attached, right?

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