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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SECNEEK, May 25, 2003.

  1. hey guys, i got my 7wHPS and took out my flofo light.. but i still have the flofo lights at the bottom, is it ok to have my floros at the bottom and the hps at the top?? or just take out all the floro??? and how close to the plant should i have it?? its like 10 inches from the top now.. here is a pic

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  2. another pic from inside... is this OK?

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  3. another

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  4. sorry i ment 70whps
  5. I think its a good idea, you don't want any of the lower branches to be deprived of any light. I just got an HPS and I was thinking of keeping my old fluros at the bottom. I think I'll do that when I get home. How old is your baby??

  6. thats what i got SEc. and i works fine.......i got the exact same will notice your plant falling in love with it very soon.....expect your buds to really start thriving......mine did anyways once i switched.....i kept my flouros low.....common sense tells me light the better......make sure to get that hps about 2inches from top of wont burn at that distance.........ive n oticed the fresh air really help also.
  7. man we need to come up with a reflector that will work with that hps.....i got that plastic cover on mine 2 but i think somthing better can be made
  8. yea that would be a cool idea.. but i think they dont do that because they dont know where using there SECurity lamps for growing! ahaha .. now if 1 of us had the money and skillz to create a 70w grow lamp with a metal reflector, then ill be damn.... but for now, the best some of can do is illuminmfoil.. hahah Anways, i have that light a lot closer to the plant, about 2- 3 inches away.. and i have the floros at the bottom.. i kept like 4 floro bulbs at the bottom, because seriously, if i had all them all in, it would out shine that HPS.. ill send pics in a few days with an update.. thanks everyone!

  9. looking good, but like ironman said.....put the HPS closer.......a 75 watt HPS can go to approx 3" from the top of the plant......closer if you wish as long as the top doesn't get burned.....and making a reflector is real could go to your local blacksmith and get some stainless steel....mirror finish, and get holes down the sides of it, and then connect the 4 sides with seasoning wire........or get 4 bits of cardboard, and shape them like a reflector, and then add mylar to will work..........Peace out.......Sid

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