new house new room,2nd grow.

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    This is my work in progress,the room is roughly 14x8x8,I have the Mylar to finish the vaulted ceiling and back wall just Havent done it yet,1000w setup with switchable ballast,6in air cooled hood with 6in 645cfm ducted out the roof vent,don't have no co2 boost or carbon filters yet that's on the list with alot of other things lol,feel free to constructively criticize lol.

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  2. Good looking room! Wish I had that kind of space to work with :)
  3. Having to battle heat in the day right now,room stay around 75 at night or when its cloudy,but when the sun is shining it gets as high as 90,I really don't wanna hook up AC but I don't really see another way,wishing I had central air
  4. How long r u gonna veg for?
  5. haha like the little munchkin in there helpin out. looks like a great setup. i assume you are running passive air intake? whats your intake temps? if you can lower it somehow your room should run cooler...
  6. also moving your balast outside the room or somewhere higher then the plants will help too. all the hot air will rise to the top and get sucked out with cool air coming up from the bottom.

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