New House = New Bong?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BigDomeDSM, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Hey GC, I need some advice here. I'm moving out of my parents house :hello::hello::hello: and am looking to buy a new bong. I'm moving into a 4 bedroom house with 6 homies. Anyway, yeh... any advice on nice glass bongs would be tight. Yeh, I'm stoned.. sorry.

    Keep Blazin':smoke:
  2. Molino Mad Scientist
    affordable and is awesome

    get the ash catcher though

    excellent choice for a bong to be brought into a new home :bongin:
  3. ^^those break too easy man.

    I'd say get a small (under 16in) thick walled glass bong... but not the mad scientist.

    ((My buddy just ordered one, we'll see how long his lasts, he goes through bongs like i go through cigs. lol))
  4. they are a little on the thin side but excellent bongs

    you shouldn't have to worry about a bong breakin if you are jus bein careful
  5. Only reason i said dont get one is cuz wid 6 people in the house, if thats the only bong, then its gonna get used a lot, and im sure there will be parties or get togethers... just be careful wid that THIN GLASS lol
  6. i say its worth it to spring a bit for a nice 250-$300 JBD. pretty affordable and maddd thick glass. i deffinitely wouldnt recommend anything thats not tempered pyrex
  7. you can still find JBD tubes? thought he stopped...
  8. 6 people in a 4 bedroom house? Good luck!
  9. just came from meh buddies house, how the FUCK are you supposed to clean that tiny ass perc? LMAO. id take a picture, but my macro sucks and its TINY

    Took 2 seconds to clean, cept the perc.
  10. Thanks for so many posts guys. I really appriciate alls ya'll input. It wouldn't be the only bong (I have a glass zong, probably about a foot I'd say). Hits amazing but of course, like the title says, new house = new bong! More recommendations would be sweet! Thanks guys!
  11. :smoke:Being one of those 6 roommates, Frosted Glass has always been one of my favorites...

    SMOKE THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!:smoke:
  12. Anything for you love... Yes GC, That is my girlfriend.
  13. Ahh then it makes sense. I thought it was a bunch of frat boys all cramming into one teeny house. Pretty much clears everything up though.
  14. If 6 people throw down then you should be able to get something top of the line.

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