New house attempt..need advice!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by 4ch2ad0, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow smokers/growers...I'm not a complete noob in the hobby but my first couple attempts weren't as successful as round 2 in my new house lol. Here's the plans....

    Cabinet/stealth box- I was planning on making a cabinet with these dimensions 30"L 36"H 16"W what I want is two chambers inside 1 for a mother plant and other for a small sog setup with approx. 2-4 this adequate space? Also anyone know of something from lowes/meijer/home depot etc. That I could just turn into a grow box?? Something fairly cheap? I'm not very handy when it comes to DIY lol.

    Lighting- I plan on a 150 watt HPS system from avant garden for sog chamber and some cfl or flouro tubes for mother chamber.

    Soil- used it before and would never switch Fox farms ocean forest with perlite 60/40 ratio.

    Nutes-Fox farms big bloom,and tiger bloom

    I'm thinking 2 gallon square. Pots for the sog seedlings and clones?

    For ventilation 1 hole with computer fan at bottom and 1 exhaust at top....mylar film for reflection inside....

    Will be attempting white widow feminized from nirvana seeds. My older attempts were bubblegum and super skunk....with only the ss being feminized this round heh.

    Any advice ....suggestiions? I'm real curious the most on how to make a good affordable cabinet or box with a budget or if there's something I can make into one. And will definitely keep up with a journal plus pics once I get started...
  2. 9 cubic feet in your grow. More or less

    X3 for air movement=27

    X2 for carbon filter= 54 cfm rated fan

    one computer fan will work fine
  3. Ok so went to home depot to not find much along the lines of something already I'm not very good at this measurement and type of plywoods etc to get....anyone have some good advice for the kind of growing I want to achieve?? Like a box you made similar with dimensions and what id need to buy....urgh. wanna get started lol.
  4. don't waste your time with cabinets then.. purchase a tent... I would recommend this to everyone, especially new people.....

    try to purchase your cabinet, cheap plastic, now it leaks light and then you have to cut holes and yada yada yada... it never ends, trust me.. two cabs down and now i have third cabinet to hold my tent.... in the end.... the tent i got is too small.... so go big... you will after you see tiny results

    get a tent.. its almost the same amount of money... all problems solved... all of them

    get a tent
  5. I looked at some tents and would still much rather have a cabinet for my grow...a mother chamber and a sog chamber. Ordered my royal flush feminized today so I'm happy about that :) plus they threw in a freebie something or other UFO #1 I believe... can't wait to get started again....growing is like an addictive hobby haha. If I decide to build a cabinet ill do a journal from start of cabinet as well....still shopping around big does the mother chamber have to be? Don't want it huge...
  6. I'm also new to this and I was extremely fortunate yesterday when I went down to Lowe's and found this.


    It's $190 regularly but someone returned it so I got it for $25 luckily. Granted it's missing all the screws and hinges but you can't beat $25. Your best bet would just be to hit up the local home improvement stores for something similar maybe. Try a yard sale or even a Goodwill type establishment.

  7. Why do some people prefer to have a cab over a tent? Stealth reasons?

    I've read that managing heat in a tent is an issue, but I don't have any experience. Also hey let light out but not any light in... Is that correct?
  8. Anyone?? It seems pretty durable... also how big should mother box be....for just 1 ?? This will be my first try at cloning and such.... planning ahead..
  9. Thats actually what I originally set out to get when I found my cabinet. I've seen pics of other people's setup's who used something similar and their end results seemed nice.

    Although the only downside I saw would be with cutting through for ventilation or something. Seems like it might be a bit flimsy.

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