New House, Need grow room advice, pics!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by kuroishinto, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Okay, I have some questions about what I should do. Moved into a house, and weighed the options on where to put my grow tent, decided on a spare room. Space is NOT an issue, the ceiling is the only limiting factor, being about 81" (6' 9"). The other factor is I already have over 200 bucks invested into an enormous MH light (pic below) The bulb in it is a Hortilux Blue, 400W. Supposedly that bulb's spectrum is good for the entire cycle.

    I've been thinking about building a grow box, but I'm thinking about just spending the 100 bucks on ebay and getting a tent. Here's the issues. That bulb is heavy as fuck, no pvc will ever hold it up. I'm thinking If I get a 7ft tent, I could drill a hole through the roof with an Eyehook straight into a stud using a studfinder, and hang the light from that. I guess I'd have to cut a few inches from the frame of the tent but thats not a big deal. What brands do you guys recommend? I see GYO and and BestChoice all over ebay, are they good? Should I go elsewhere? I remember someone warning that certain pvc pipes in cheap tents kill plants or something...

    I've been looking at a ton of guides and I think I'll make my own carbon filter. The room I'm using has no ventilation (OLD house), so smell isnt a huge factor but I'll still take the right precautions. Also I think I'll make a simple ONA bucket. I'm thinking of having the DIY carbon scrubber inside the tent, at the top, on the outside a few inches of aluminum flex feeding to the inline vent fan, strung to the ceiling with wire and eyehooks. That lamp puts off some serious heat (not sure if its any more than the lights most people use) so I'm guessing I need a decent fan. As far as size, There seems to be tons of 4X4 ft around, that seems like a decent option for me, I'm thinking of doing 4 plants at a time give or take.

    I ordered 10 Crystal Seeds from Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices, someone on here recommended them, they havent arrived yet but it's only been a week. It also come with like 5 free seeds. I'll plant like 5 crystal and one of the randoms I think. Right now I have one plant from a cutting I took of a friends plant. she was about 10 inches tall before I LST'd her like 4 days ago. she looks great, tons of new growth. still vegging for awhile. Thats another reason I want to get a tent, I can have it set up and running in no time.

    Okay, I guess this post goes all over the place and questions are sparse but i guess as a newbie I kind of want someone to hold my hand a little and tell me/guide me as to what I should do. :eek:

    Any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance:wave:
  2. SWEET LIGHT... what giant store did you get that thing from... jealous....

    i have some of those things at work... super heavy... i wanna take one all the time

    just build a tent outa 2x4's and plywood and line the whole thing outa panda film or mylar... or just paint it white if you run outa money... throw a fan to cool your area... done deal... just make sure it wont leak light into your grow area once you start to flower... could hermie on you

    make a journal.. that light is epic
  3. Where do you buy Mylar? I asked a chick at home de' pot yesterday and she looked at me like I had a dick on my forehead. Thats really the two options I've been weighing, just build a simple grow box or get a tent.

    hmm..maybe I should just do that. Let's see what some more posts bring
  4. Get Mylar from a hydro store or online.

    You would need to know the weight of your light before you could use a tent. Got a model number? Or. Weigh yourself and then hold the light an weigh yourself again and subtract the two. I would suggest you get a tent if you can. It's a done deal then. Believe me. Or even get the tent and cut a hole at the top and support the light threw the tent
  5. thats what I meant before, setting up the tent, drilling a eyehook through the roof of the tent into a stud in the ceiling, and hanging the light from that. Thats the only way to support that light, its at least 30 lbs, maybe more, hard to tell since its so cumbersome.
  6. If you have the the cash. Get the tent. I would advise that 1000 times over
  7. thats the direction I was leaning. now I just want some recommendations on brand/type etc I suppose
  8. Secret jardin, grow lab.
  9. damn, I was ready to spend 100 bucks on a good 4X4X7 on a GYO, I'd have to spend over 200 on either of those brands. I realize you pay for quality, but what do those other brands have to offer? Thermal regulation?? I mean, my room is going to be cool, I WANT that cool air to regulate my hot ass bulb. Will a GYO work for my purposes?
  10. What is the deal with that light fixture? What was it designed for? Looks like a great deal of light is being lost (from the plant's perspective) because that fixture is clear. Horticultural fixtures reflect all that light that is going up, back down onto the canopy.

  11. Longer lasting light trapped zippers. Longer sleves and rip cords in air vents. Thicker material. Heat resistant fire resistant more reflective material

    in the end. Get what you can afford. Get the tent you found. Try it out. What's the worst that could happen

    Keep us updated
  12. Well for my first couple grows I think the GYO can suffice. I'll start a new thread asking some opinions about it, but I'm thinking thats what I'll get. If its junk, well for 90 bucks it can be a nice drying tent anyways.

    Stinkbomb, technically I believe that fixture is intended for use in large area's like workshops/factory setting etc. But the bulb in it is top of the line. Plus the price of the fixture was right. I think in a mylar tent it will be fine. It's a good lamp as it is though

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