New hope for WA Medical Patients? HB 2233

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    I'm not getting my hopes up, but if you are from WA and you care about MMJ contact your reps IMMEDIATELY and tell them to support this bill

    The bill would allow all patients to continue growing 15 plants and possessing 24 ounces while creating a more regulated system for mmj storefronts. It would also keep the current recommendation system, so there would be no DOH registry. So it's basically the bill that Gregoire vetoed back in 2011. 
    If this could somehow get through legislature while HB 2149 fails...that would be great.
    edit: Just emailed all 3 of my reps 

  2. Don't get your hopes up. If this passes, it will be section veto'd like the last one, eliminating all of the good aspects. This seems to be how they do things, at least here.
    Don't get me wrong....I'd be alright with this if it passed and was put in place in it's entirety, but the best idea out there is to do our best to eliminate ANY changes for now. Anything that might pass could be picked apart. Don't give Inslee the opportunity to pull a Gregoire. E-Mails have already gotten into certain people's hands regarding shady practices and horrible intentions from some of the people at the top in WA's Government.
  3. man, its selfish but fuck people who want to smoke it recreationally. I need that shit to survive. not to get high and chill out.
  4. [quote name="imalwayscold" post="19383727" timestamp="1390360385"]man, its selfish but fuck people who want to smoke it recreationally. I need that shit to survive. not to get high and chill out.[/quote]Um, no one in particular is entitled to it. It should be for anyone who wants to Enjoy What it has to offer. Medical Cannabis does need some better guidelines, however, now isn't the time for it when they aren't doing it with the patients in mind. The Only reason to change it now is to throw sick people under the bus. No changes this year! Let's see how 502 does "as written". That way when/if it fails, it doesn't take medical cannabis with it! No matter how good a bill looks for medical cannabis, it won't be put in place as voted for. We have already seen that first hand. Leave it alone and Let's come back to it when there aren't shady reasons to gut it.Sent from my HTC420 while being high as fuck!
  5. I think what Iamallwayscold  may be trying to say is that folks that consume for medical/health purposes are being harmed by "progress" on the recreational side.
    I have to agree to a point that it isn't right to punish people with health issues in order to benefit a recreational want.
    Just my $.02
  6. BAD NEWS!!!!
    I just got off of the phone with Rep. Appleton's office. They have tabled HB 2233 and shifted their support to HB 2149.
    HB 2149 sponsored by Rep. Cody will limit plant count to 3 flowering and 3 non-flowering.
    2149 passed the Healthcare & Wellness Committee and was referred to the Appropriations Committee. There will be an additional public comment period before HCW votes on it. If it passes Appropriations it will go the House for a full vote.

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