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~New Hookup OG Kush + Silver Milawi (Macros)~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Paper Navigator, Sep 28, 2009.

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  2. I think $25/gram is absolutely ridiculous... you should get a reach around with that too. I don't know what the market is like in your area, but check around, most delivery services won't charge extra if you are within their delivery area because they have no dispensary to sell from as well.

    Nice buds though, but is paying $25 ever worth it? $87.50/eighth ewwwwwwwwwww
  3. I know, i thought so myself, but heres how i see it...

    I love bud so much that I'd spend even more for it than i did. I'm not disappointed.
  4. I could see myself doing this one time for the experience/if I was desperate. If you enjoy the service of delivery, I would stop by some local headshops and ask them for more information. A lot of times they'll have their business cards and/or recommendations on which to use.

    Just my 2 cents watching out for your "2 cents". Stay up. :smoking:

  5. How the hell do you even start off the conversation in a head shop? My local store will kick you out as soon as anything even remotely close to bud or paraphernalia that isn't "pc" is said.

    hell a guy tried to get me to buy him a detox kit because he said he failed a drug test and they said they don't sell it for that purpose.

    I should be moving closer to it soon so maybe I'll just become a regular window shopper there
  6. I too would like to know how to start up a convo like this at a headshop?
  7. Nice buds and I have the same feeling as you I love it so much that I would have paid what you did if I was in that situation.
  8. Do you live in an ultra-conservative region of the states?

    It sounds like your head shop might be in fear of losing their licensing as opposed to pursuing a bit of personal freedom. Thats has to be a tough spot.

    Any way you slice it...25 bucks a gr is rough stuff but like all y'all I'd have to pony up the cash for the grab.

  9. Thats the way it has been in every headshop i've been to in both CT and boston.

  10. I'm in central Florida and every person I know that has been to a head shop from Orlando to Daytona say the same thing.

    Say the wrong word and you're out the door
  11. Out at most of the headshops in Ca you mention bud(except at the headshops in Venice Beach) and they will boot you out the door, same thing with saying "Bong" instead of water pipe will let you have a quick exit also, pretty stupid if you ask me. I agree though $25 for 1g is pretty rough but do what you gotta do
  12. Well, it just depends, I'm not mentioning bud or bongs when having this conversation, but there is nothing wrong/illegal asking about the local cooperatives in the area. I find it odd that your headshops wouldn't promote or support your local cooperatives.
  13. yea both chain stores and local owned head shops if you even say bong your out for the day, you would think it would be just the chain store but everyone is ultra sensitive about bud, and in ohio we have weed decriminalized up to 100 grams so you would think it would be different, but no
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    Ah man I just realized you're in the Bay Area. You gotta realize that the freedom that you enjoy is very few and far between in the rest of the country. Trust me, I and many others are truly envious of your way of life out there
  15. if you have your medical card they are more lenient because it's for "medical use", some headshops will carry on a convo with you about it if you have your medical card..another good aspect of living in cali...card only costs $100 and we have vending machines that dispense weed lol:D
  16. 25 a g is pretty expensive but if your fine with it then it's all good. i usually have to pay 20 for a g so i wouldnt really mind having to throw in 5 extra bucks to get some dank like that.
  17. The Op is from Philly. You can acquire ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, if you know the right heads.

    AKs to meth to heroin to pharmies to hookers to illegal license plates and insp stickers. Philly's hood.

    I know Im from there. The streets are their own economy.
  18. Lol this thread is turning out to be something that i didn't intend.

    Lets hear some people talk about my weed! LOL
  19. how's the kush blazin?, leaving pretty sweet taste
  20. actually its funny you ask because i just rolled a bone of that silver milawi and im flying. havent tried that kush yet though...smoke report tomorrow if this thread stays alive :)

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