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New hookup NYC dankity dank diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by edibles, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. So today this guy came up to me near this place where me and my friends smoke, and told me that he had wanted to talk to us for a while but specifically me. He gave me a free dime bag and told me to hit him up - which after smoking the weed i definitely will do hehe. He said it's medical, who knows, but it sure smells feels looks and is dank.

    BTW the weed in the pics is not all that was in the bag when i got it. I had smoked a bowl before taking these pics


    ^^^ Lol at the label. On the back it has a warning not to operate heavy machinery or drive all that good stuff. "Diesel is what it claims to be... Diesel" hahaha nice description :p


    ^^^ The larger nugget got a little blurry in this pic but whatever :smoke:


    ^^^ Mmm macro. This bud smells kinda like a skunk sprayed all over a christmas tree.


    ^^^ The bowl of weed mentioned before topped with some kief i scraped up from my grinder.

    I'll be picking up from this guy on monday, so I'll see if its worth posting more pics. Stay high all :hello:
  2. Nice looking Diesel, very dank. That pipe bowl with the kief looks yummy.
  3. Don't think he's a cop?
  4. Get your weight up!
  5. what's up with the label? There's medical Marijuana in NY now?

  6. Nah. If it is legit medical then he had to have gotten it from another state somehow.
  7. Word up this same guy came up to me a little while ago really want to go to him but I just got some sour grape for 80 a q!!!
  8. dude...NOONE gives free dimes in the city AND NOONE SELLS IN THOSE not even kidding, that dude very well may be a cop, no shitting u
  9. I get free dimes from my dealer all the time because I always want to try out the bus first. My dealer also knows that I can easily cop a half right after(I've never not liked the bud :)
  10. its a free sample bro he isnt a cop ive seen him chilling in the place where i smoke all the time listening to his ipod n rolling blunts hes this mexican guy ive seen him sell weed to my buddies too.

  11. a cops not gonna go through all that shit and putting on a facade for all this time ( if OP has seen him chilling before and such) just to bust a BUYER. they got more shit to deal with than to set up a sting on a buyer lol...

    but good score edibles! looks like some tasty shit, funny bag too haha
  12. looks like a fake label to me
  13. lol a cops not gonna be giving free weed away and then risk the guy just taking the weed, smoking it, and never coming back...usually undercover cops try to bust sellers, not buyers. Unless you're buying massive weight, it's probably not a cop.

  14. How exactly would you define a fake label? It's not like dispensary strains come with certificates of authenticity.

    That's some NYC Sour Diesel for sure. Some legendary shit when you can get the real deal, and definitely the strain NYC is best known for. Totally worth the price if it's the real deal.
  15. Damn I wish random people would walk up to me and hook me up with bud.
  16. lulz I was wondering the same thing.
  17. hey listen guys, im not going to argue....

    ive lived in nyc almost my whole life.....cops WILL WASTE THEIR TIME doing shit like this, a friend of mine got busted in times square, some dude was "yo i got that kush" took him around the block, sold him a rolled up bunch of tin foil, when he went to open it to look inside, the cop arrested him..

    so u guys can argue on GC and call me names and stuff and thats fine, but who the fuck sells weed in a bag like that, SPECIFYING what it is in that manner, like describing "this is the strain that started it all"

    ridiculous, im out this thread, good luck OP...

    and believe me i know u guys are probably correct, however, in NYC you NEVER FUCKING KNOW whose a cop, its insanely annoying, i took out a pill bottle near 34th st a few weeks ago, popped a pill (it was antibiotics) two guys grabbed my arms flashing badges around their neck, asking me what i just took and what i had in the bottle and asked to see the bottle.....its fucking awful
    i hope the OP can at least attest to cops in NYC being the WORST
  18. unless like the OP said hes seen him many times, and maybe thats the cops post...u never know in NYC trust that...

    i wouldnt put it past a bored NYC undercover...fucking worst cops in the world, they cant even give u proper fucking directions..
  19. Why couldnt I live in New York!!???
  20. I got stopped in Staten Island by cops in civi clothes, found an 8th on me and told me to get lost. Dudes weren't so bad.

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