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New hookah (pic)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dumbpoop, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. hay there. one of my good friends went away at the end of june to london and yemen. he came back yesterday and presented me with this nice hookah i requested.

    it's not top quality, but it hits great!


    you may notice slight modifications like that black thing ascending above the frame is a makeshift bowl attatched to a black marker shaft (lulz). this is because i am not in posession of either a piece of charcoal, or the tobacco that you smoke in it. i lit the bowl, with a lighter, like with a regular bong. and the blue rubber band that's at the start of the hose is a rubber band... yep, it didn't come with the condom type things which give the hose and airtight seal. the metal part isn't very firmly attatched to the glass part.
    other than that, no quarrels what so ever. i just burnt the whole nug down without realizing it. very, very smooth :D

    anyone else own a hookah?

    apologies all around for the cell phone pic
  2. its all gravy but i would get a bowl for it and some of that sisha tabacco that shit is bomb
  3. looks straight out of india
  4. nice . have you named it yet / or are you going to ? name it with a cool name from where ever the country it orginated from something cool...
  5. it came with a clay bowl, but it just rested atop the hookah as opposed to plugging into it. maybe it's like a thing so you don't have to use the foil, or something. in that case, it didn't come with a clay bowl. i will look for one either way since if it is a bowl (i doubt it) it's not very sturdy at all.

    well it says inside the case that it was made in china. i haven't thought about names, i haven't even named a glass spoon i bought like a month ago.

    also, there were these two tiny metallic balls in the case. i have no idea why they were inside the case.
  6. The metal balls are probally valves. They go inside the piece where the hoses fit into. This allows both people to take a hit, with no need to plug the end of the hose with your thumb inbetween hits. If it's a one hose, they gave you an extra. Looks like a Mya QT bowl. If you wanna hit me up via PM, I can help you out. I have A LOT of shisha, charcoal, 2 bowls, and a 4 hose hookah. I could mail you a roll or two of charcoal for nothing.
  7. that's alright, i can easily acquire the coal/tobacco. i could use some more info on the bowl, though. how does it work? does it stay airtight? it's like a little bowl with many holes in it and you simply put it over the opening at the top, it rests on the ash bowl thing, i believe. could you explain it a little more? ill take a pic of the bowl later on
  8. search the threads there some good ones...ive loved hooka sence befor it was a big trend... blahh.

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