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    so after a long period of smoking out of just a dry pipe because of the recent run in with the cops i had. whatev tho. lol.

    well heres the reason i decided to make this thread:

    Behold! the power bait jar bong:


    actually has a glass slide key w/rubber grommit seal. the joint is mighty putty and a plastic cap with a hole drilled in it to make a perfect seal with the rubber. has a mini ice catcher and everything. i love this thing for what it is

    i want input because this is a good sturdy base to make a bigger better bong and it will work inbetween stages of building because it breaks into 3 pieces (not including the key). any ideas? im already working on a rediculous perc.
  2. well, you could add like 4 more of those powerbait bottles to make SICK percs, and then add some more bottles without lids to make a bigass ice catcher. other than that, good job.
  3. just modified the bowl, i took off the hardened clay i put around it for heat and added a wire as a pull tab and i also added an extra rubber gromit because 1 seemed to slip and not get a good enough grip on the glass. ill post pix after my next sesh. shouldnt be more than an hour even though i just blazed to the point of couch lock. lol
  4. going outside for another sesh. couldnt wait any longer to post more pics. 2 more mods on their way by tuesday

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