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  1. It was made from a "bud" vase i got from a flower shop in the same building i work in. It also has a 1/2" red eye slide. In total it only cost me $13. I think it's beautiful.:D

  2. wow, I'd pay for that !!
  3. I originally made it for a co-worker but i don't think i can give it away
  4. the different sections might make it work like a hurricane does and spin the smoke somewhat.
  5. If hit slowly the smoke sorta rolls into the big parts after passing through the narrow section. If hit fast it damn near kills you
  6. niice homemade man +rep for that one
  7. Good job.

    Dremel or Diamond tip?
  8. Yo man that's sick, don't give it away... Or if you are going to give it away, sell it. +rep

  9. Diamond tip
  10. Looks very nice. I'd keep that, haha.
  11. looks good dude, would more pics be too much to ask? i loves me some homemakes ahahha.
  12. Thats nice dude, + Rep for you.
  13. That is an amazing homemade bro, +rep
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    Nice bong man, that color looks dope :smoke: + rep for you man. :):)
  15. very clean homemade

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