New Homemade [Triple Chamber Double Perc] *MILKVID* (now with tutorial!!!)

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    [ame=""]0221091639.flv video by bakerfour1 - Photobucket[/ame]

    the smart water bottles didn't even need to be taped together. they seal themselves and don't leak a drop.

    edit for tutorial:

    materials you'll need:
    - two prescription pill bottles
    - three smart water bottles
    - two mechanical pencils
    - scissors/knife for making the holes/cuts
    - body of a sharpie or highlighter for downstem
    - any kind of bowl (i use a corn cob you can get at your local gas station)

    step 1:
    cut the bottom off of two of your three smart water bottles. make sure they fit on top of each other snug.

    step 2:
    disassemble the mechanical pencils and get cut the main tube you're going to use for the percs to around the length of your pill bottle.

    step 3:
    cut holes in the caps of both the water just big enough for the tube of the pencil to fit through. (make it smaller than you'd think then keep going little by little until it fits through snugly.

    step 4:
    cut a few holes just around the space under the cap of the pill bottle.

    step 5:
    put the tube through both holes in the caps and put the bottle on top of the pill container to make your perc. repeat for the second perc if you're making a triple chamber.

    here are a few images of the concept of the perc to help out



    step 6:
    cut a hole big enough for your downstem in the bottom bottle and insert your downstem into it.

    step 7:
    put it all together and fill it up with water.

    step 8:
    pack some bud in your bowl and rip it :smoking::smoking:
  2. haha pretty legit homemade- have fun with that. +rep
  3. Nice, but i bet that thing has some major drag issues.
  4. nah it actually hits pretty smooth
  5. you could tell it drags but all homemades too. way to be creative dude.
  6. That's one of the better looking homemade bongs with the percs and whatnot. Nice job, +rep
  7. bump. anyone else have any thoughts?
  8. very nice idea you should make a tutorial
  9. Yeah seriously, x2 on the tutorial, I would love to make something like that.

    Good job dave man
  10. you should definatly make a tutorial on how to make that. definatly the best homemade peice ive seen so far. nice vid also

    + rep for creativity
  11. you when i opened the thread i thought it was gonna be another shitty homemade but this one wasnt that bad dude. good job.
  12. that looks really well-crafted. definitely hoping for a did you make the chambers?
  13. Nice bong, VERY similar to mine called the Blue Bottle:

  14. pretty sick homemade bong man +rep
  15. i just added a tutorial to the main post. if there is anything unclear or that you don't get reply back and ill try to help as best i can.
  16. bump. anyone have any thoughts??
  17. morning bump for tutorial!
  18. Thats a soild homemade. NIce BOng +rep
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    I tried this out today, works pretty nice. A lot less drag than I expected. I'll put up a pic and a vid(bowl cashed out at the end..but normally it all milks up). Only difference is the diffused downstem i used.

    thanks for the good tutorial though dude

    [ame=""]DSCN1073.flv video by tym1200 - Photobucket[/ame]

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