new homemade inline

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by CANN4BISchris20, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. spice container, smartwater bottle, and a florescent lightbulb tube thing u can get at lowes for 2 bucks, and 2 blunt tubes.

    no drag and it hits like a beast.





    whatchya think?
  2. That is fucking SICK man.

    Teach me your ways, oh wise one.
  3. Looks pretty sweet, take a rip or 2 for me. :)
  4. Thats vicious dude
  5. One of the best homemade inlines I have seen.
  6. VERY NICE! How are you using the flourescent thing? I thought flourescent light bulbs have mercury powder in them or something? That can't be good for you.
  7. haha nah, its plastic, like a water bottle. i think its for carrying the bulbs or something. theyre right next to the flourescent light bulbs at lowes/home depot.
  8. They're the plastic tubes that fit over the light bulbs, so should a bulb break, glass doesn't rain down on people.
  9. make a guide for this. id love to try it.
  10. il make one a little later tonight
  11. Nice milkshot!

  12. looking forward to it.
  13. I agree, nice and clean. Good job.
  14. bump for a step by step mang!
  15. Lol, I started a revolution.
  16. Good to hear man! I'm glad you're enjoying it. You might try perc'ing or adding an ice catcher. I did both to mine, and it's flawless now. It rips better than my buddies glass straight shot, granted it's no ToRo or RooR, but still. :D

  17. yeah im probably gonna add an ice catcher if not a perc. cuz it does hit hard as shit, better than my straight glass.
  18. goddamn stoner.:smoking:

    hahahaa looking forward to trying this

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