New Homemade Elevator Bong! EASIEST HOMEMADE BONG!

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  1. Hey everyone! im here to show you a homemade elevator bong i found on youtube.
    It is much easier to make since you dont need a downstem which is honestly one of the hardest things to find when making a homemade. It rules out all health dangers since your not melting any plastic if you use thick plastic.

    Here is the video, im going to make one and post it up eventually!

    [ame=]YouTube - New Elevator Bong[/ame]
    That video has the new and improved one, check out this guys channel for the older one.

    Here is also a quick milk using the elevator
    [ame=]YouTube - The Elevator Bong 2[/ame]

    If i were you id get a thicker plastic bottle for both the large and small chambers, and use a thick piece of tubing or plastic for the joint. (you don't even need a joint, you can just attach the bottles by the hole but the little tube adds diffusion)

    I plan on using some thick plastic bottles like a childrens cup and some plastic tubing.

  2. lower the water level!
  3. lower water looks like it takes all the suction you can create to even move the water enough for smoke to go through the tube. Also...only the first hole was firing smoke out...hopefully the lower water level helps
  4. yeah lower water level would of course be good, but he was trying to pull slowly thats why all the bubbles were only coming through the first hole.
  5. does he have one of how to make it?

  6. Its pretty self explainatory but heres the video!

    [ame=]YouTube - Elevator Bong - How To[/ame]

  7. after seeing this thing work, do you think that you could get a similar effect by putting water in a dry sherlock and hitting it? stoned or not, it seems like it could work

  8. unless it had a wicked curve, i don't think that would work. You would end up inhaling all the water probably.
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    I have a work-in-progress (as in just a prototype and not fully complete yet) that is similar to this design, although it uses a separate ash catch, its pretty similar to the design that you are trying to replicate. I came with the idea off of the Sovereignty Stemline, which seems pretty similar to what you are trying to do ;) :smoke:

    Heres the post if you wanna check it out:

    As you can tell, the tube on the top is kinda taped on and the ash catch is built a little crooked, but I just wanted to test and make sure it worked well before building it 100% The tube on the inside is from a "hand aquarium pump", which works very well for downstems, inline diffusers, and all sorts of fun stuff! Here's the only pic I could find that is similar to what I got, I believe they are used for sucking gravel up in an aquarium: Google Image Result for
  10. Thats sick! if you complete it tell us how it hits!

  11. Don't do this, it would get in your mouth.
  12. so last night i made a very badass smooth hitting elevator/w/ashcatcherit works quite well and i would be happy to post some pics of some milk shots later if you guys wanna see my take on this new invention:smoke::hello:

  13. id be so down.:smoke:
  14. Vids! Please! MrTokeZilla
  15. so im using a soap bottle and one of those fruite juice bottles, preeeetty sure.
    and i think im gunna put marbles or something in it to make more bubbles.

    any experience with that?

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