new homemade bong

Discussion in 'General' started by breakonthru, May 22, 2006.

  1. Found a huge Mountain Dew cup in all of our favorite shape and decided it was time that I made a permanent bong.

    I may end up making a bigger bowl, I'm sure that small one that I have now will end up pissing me off. :p



    *BOWL AGAIN* (blurry :()

    *Cleverly placed shotty in the O for "DO THE DEW"*
  2. Thats awesome, that cup was meant to be a bong!

    Where can I supply myself with one of these cups? :)
  3. hahah I think I got it at sixflags a LONG time ago as some bullshit consolation prize for losing one of the games :(

    I wanted that damn 4 foot teddy bear :(
  4. You can't make a bong out of a four foot teddy bear.
  5. but it would be funny to
  6. yea it would.

    I wasnt plannin on makin a bong when I won age 8....
  7. Damn, 10 years is a long ass time to hold on to a mountain dew cup.;)
  8. Affirmative, that would be cool. I think that dude's entry in the homemade piece contest "Elephance" is hilarious. :D
  9. ahh I totally made one like that ha i have no need for it cause i got glass pipes but it still looks tight diff bowl though
  10. you should have smelled it before i rinsed it out.

    I wasnt actually 8 if that's what your implying, it was an exaggeration.:rolleyes:

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