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  1. I just made a new PVC bong. The materials only cost me about $10. Its a very simple design but it hits hard. I think the reason it hits so hard is because you can't see inside the chamber and can't anticipate the amount of smoke you're about to inhale. So I tend to inhale more than I usually would and it is alot more than I'm used to. Well Anyways I will post pictures of it when I'm less blazed, because I cannot remember how right now.

    Has anyone else used PVC before? I know most people say not to because of the toxic gases when PVC is burned but I made the bowl and stem out of metal and the smoke doesn't actually touch the PVC until it has cooled down alot.
  2. Ok here is a pic of my new homemade PVC bong. Its pretty simple, the best thing is I only glued a few of the joints because most of them were water-tight without glue. That means I can change up the shape and design later. The one problem with it right now is that it isn't balanced so it tips over if not held. What do yall think?

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  3. good work, +rep
  4. well... i think that ull be ok... on the PVC... but i wouldnt sugest it... because what if your wrong??? then u get cancer man... not good
  5. Yeah I'm sure it'll be ok. I'm not that worried, I mean If I was worried about all the trace amounts of chemicals I was inhaling out of a bong, then I wouldn't be smoking anyways. I have a glass bong I use most of the time, but I just wanted to see If I could make something entirely with parts purchased at Lowes, haha.
  6. Its a great piece man, it really is. But PVC is horrible for you. Do some reaserch on the chemicals in it and what effects it can have on you. Saw a news article a while back that said even being around a new PVC shower curtain can be harmfull.

    Dont mean to be a troll :p

    Pretty beast though.
  7. The bowl is made of brass. There are metal pipes you can made out of brass. If he cleaned the PVC before he used it there is no problem here. He's not taking his lighter to the PVC.
  8. Oh, alrighty.

    Nice job then, how did you hold the pices together?
  9. its cool looking but i would not have used PVC for it man...too risky...but each his own..ik that i made a homemade bong out of a soda bottle and a tube from a highlighter and it works better than my friends bought bong...its pretty ill...but nice piece bro:smoking:
  10. + rep. i love homemades. ive made quite a few myself, from chia pets to star wars light sabres. homemades are great to go nuts with.
  11. Nice Check mine out

    The Bowl/Stem is glass (freshly cleaned :p) the rest is made out of a theme park cup with the top cut off. I heated the sharp top edge that i cut with a lighter and pressed it against my table so that its soft on your face. And i heated a screwdriver with a lighter and made the hole for the slide with that and i got super lucky and it fit perfect :). I don't really remember why i wrapped it with electrical tape i guess for grip :confused:. And i think there was something really retarded written on it but i don't know i was obviously really stoned when i made it haha.

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