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new homemade bong pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jc88, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. heres some the pics of my new bong that i just made
    it hits purprisingly well considering it wasnt completely airtight too
    my first bong i ever made:smoke: what do u think?

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  2. Not a big fan of homemades but they get the job done. I like that super nug though!:hello:
  3. o shit i forgot one... bonghit!:bongin:
    o and dont laugh at my power puff girls bed sheets.. >.<

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  4. what did you use for the stem/bowl?...i always just use a socket but i am looking for a new way to make a bowl (without foil, foil=bad)
  5. I like the idea of the paper towel roll to extend the bong. Nice milkshot.

    Awesome nug, too.
  6. mmm...plastic fumes!!!
  7. naw man no plastic fumes! the bowl is my actual matal piece bowl and i found a metal extender that it screwed perfectly into to :D
  8. i think you have a lovely bong.

    the milkage was sexy.
    i think that nug is super sexy as well.

    homemades deserve respect, dammit!
  9. screw the bong...I want those sheets

    I may be male but I'd enjoy the hell outta a romp on those sheets with a certain kinky girl :p

    dirty powerpuff thoughts aside not bad...I'd swap that bowl for a cut tabasco bottle

    all you need to cut the bottom off one is a glass cutter (the small one with notches on it and a wheel) some ice water a stove or torch ligher

    score it around heat it then dip it in the'll crack clean leaving you with a bowl shaped item that'll fit any homemade you make
  10. That thing is ghetto fabulous. Once you get a real bong you're going to be so embarassed that you even made that thing.

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