New homeade piece

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  1. Any good? Don't hate

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  2. better than all the homemade pieces I've seen.
  3. haha thats sick man! Creativity.
  4. That's cool. Can you clear it in one hit? And if you left the little valve thing on it that would make it even more awesome. So you could take a hit and not worry about smoke coming out.
  5. No more aluminum!
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    ya man good job except for the tin foil... You really don't wanna mess with tin foil like that unless you've got nothing else and are only gonna use it for a very limited number of hits. its really bad for your health to hit it out of foil especially after reusing it over and over again. i suggest that if you only have that option that you MUST change the foil into a new one after every hit. thats how we used to rig our gravity bong. you can use a pen with a metal cap or something instead of foil. also if your home made stem, bowl is not airtight you can use bubblegum to seal it, and it won't be similar to like glue or rubberband etc. all which when exposed to high heat will release its own unsafe vapors. looks like you're already having a good weekend. nice. now make us a milk video of that thing. thanx

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