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Discussion in 'General' started by bubba ray green thumb, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. I have recently broke my back and had surgeries and now crippled and out of work. Gotta make a living. I also always wanted to try my hand at growing weed, guess this is a good excuse to do so now. I have 40 seeds, 4 different strains, and a large grow room set up. This is gonna be fun. I have a lot of experience farming so why not weed, lol. I am excited and cant wait to see how this turns out.
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  2. Growing weed would make a great hobby.
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  3. good luck with what strains you got?you going soil or hydro?
    as SirInfi said. its a great hobby with nice rewards
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    I have amnesia molotov, afghan skunk, superbud, heavyweight money bush, and getting ready to try to buy a few more. I ordered from Herbies and also have lots of different free seed that I hadnt gone through yet. I spent enough to get a lot of freebies, lol, I am using the miracle grow potting mix for now. I am currently looking on this site to see what they have to offer. If all these seeds I have now germinate, I will have my hands full for a while but I will need more to grow after harvesting these.
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  5. If I dont get caught, lol. but Im willing to risk it.
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  6. I dont see seeds on here for sale, do they not sell them?
  7. Grasscity is just a headshop.

    Good luck, and start small. I got 10on the go and I spend a good 5hrs every three days for maintenance.
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  8. So I guess I stay with Herbies, they did me right this time anyway. Thanks for the advice and I guess I will have enough seeds for the winter if I go with 10 of one strain , harvest, then 10 of another. Yes you just gave me an idea, a different strain each time without being overloaded till I get the hang of it and have a variety over the winter months. Thanks, you got me thinking, lol.
  9. Good luck with your grow. GC is a good place to gather knowledge, especially if you're underground...

    You know, I was posting on this forum for about a month before I found out about the head shop.

    Well, not really a head shop like I grew up with. :rolleyes: They don't have Freak Brothers comics or strawberry incense for sale. No door beads.
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  10. Oh hell yes, do it it's very rewarding and fun to take care of plants. It will be the best weed you've ever had also. You can talk to the plants, send them loving vibrations, play peaceful music and meditate them also
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  11. The music actually works? I will definately try that. I want to have beautiful plants with high yields. So just leave a radio playing in the grow room? What kind of music, Mozart era stuff, or newer age classical maybe? I talk to them anyway even though I am just starting to germinate.
  12. So I cant like and find informative both but your post is also informative. Thanks I appreciate it.

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