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  1. Lil' background, I had a beaker bottom single U perc that I got a few days before 4/20, fell in love with the piece. Two nights ago my buddy put it in his room cause he was using it (fine with me), and when he pulled it out the next morning the joint for the stem was busted.

    Today he handed me a fresh stack of $20's equalling 300. So we went to local shop, and they had just gotten thier HiSi shipment in, and couldn't find a clone to the one I had. However, the last tube they pulled out was a straight tube hisi Double U perc Ice Pince, diffused HiSi Downstem and Diffused HiSi Bowl. First one they had even opened and he told me 300.
    Worked for me and he ended up giving me a buncha free shit that was prob. like $50 worth or so.

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  2. sweet man bump for a good friend broke your shizz and imediatly bought you a new one i request a milk by the way:wave:
  3. That's sick. Milk! Milk! Milk!
  4. I'll git a milk in the next couple days. This sucker rips soo smooth and packs such a punch. i smoked half a bowl and was BLOWN. Smoothest bong ive hit.

    I have to say HiSi has stepped thier game up from the previous bong i had from them, which i also loved. Swiched thier ice pinch to also help act as a much needed splash guard, and the percs can drain now from the back instead of the front, verrry handy for adjusting water levels. bout to go introduce some friends to the new family member. :hello:
  5. Enjoy your new family addition!

    How about some up close pics on those U-percs?
  6. Lucky to have a friend who can actually get money. My friend broke one of my xbox 360's (Dropped off his table into his pool while playing xbox while i lent him my xbox. VERY unlucky i know.) But i wanted 100$ for payback (thats a good deal i should have asked for more..) and it took him 3 months to get me 100$. 3 MONTHS.
  7. Sick glass man! they had a ton of these at my lhs, i wasnt to sure on the company tho, but wow looks awesome! those u-percs bubble nice?
  8. Percs break up smoke alot. 15 tiny holes around the bottom of em and gets very even flow. i just have my cell phone but once i change water i'll get a pic. could be a few days cuz getta go see tech n9ne tomorrow night. :)
  9. Milk Shot!
    Loving This Thing.

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  10. haha hell yea dude, thats a nice fucking bong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. has anyone else seen a HiSi straight tube before? nobody ive talked to around here has seen one, and that was the first one the shop had seen.
  12. ive really wanted to see a hisi straight forever, i hate their clunkly beaker(or block?) bottoms. this is nice!!
  13. SICK tube bro!!! my lhs has one as well def thinkin about buying it now..he gave me a sample of the diffusion on those things just the down stem had mad diffusion..
  14. I just bought this exact tube minus the ashcatcher yesterday. I got a less great deal at $335 but its definitely still worth it.
  15. awesome i just put $60 down on this exact HiSi bc it was the last one my local headshop had and i wanted 2 make sure it was mine so its on layaway till i pay off the rest. i'll make sure to take some nice pics for yall :smoke:
  16. i love that tube man i just got the beaker one. Just wondering, since you had the beaker one as well, which one hits harder?
  17. No matter what, straight tubes hit harder. But, the pull from beakers are way smoother IMO. (I have a straight tube, and a bubble base).

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