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New High Times Article - harvest earlier?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by indic4, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. In the article "Resin Factory", HT travels to a huge grow op where the owner talks about harvesting when the trichs are just starting to turn milky (most of them are clear) after reading notes from a study by Dr. Paul G. Mahlberg . Here is a quote from the HT article:

    "Dr. Paul G. Mahlberg who found that THC in the resin head is at it's peak when it's still clear - not opaque and certainly not amber. Dr. Mahlberg stuck a tiny syringe into the bulbous head of the trichome and extracted it's contents, then analyzed it for THC. The result: Without a doubt, THC is at it's highest before the trichome turns opaque."

    This goes against what just about EVERYONE (including "The Bible") says about harvesting. What do you guys think?
  2. My caregiver, as well as the PhD chemist we have our herb tested by say the same thing.

    Amber trichomes are apparently rotten or already degraded THC

    I just havent posted the info to get a consensus.
  3. Very very interesting! I'll be watching this closely. :smoke:
  4. If I werent stoned I'd try to find something to refute this but....Someone very smart will post something to the contrary Im sure.

    I dunno. Im curious though.


    To celebrate, I will do the following in this order:

  6. I was under the assumption that this was common knowledge. That is why early harvests are relatively trippy, energetic highs, Because of the high THC content. As the trichomes mature, the cannibinoid ratios change as the THC degrades. Thus the different highs produced from early, mid, and late harvest.

  7. :hello:
  8. I totally agree with the Dr.
    Mostly clear with just a bit of milky in the trichs has been the strongest potency I've experienced by far. Surprised to see an article actually validate that. :smoke:
  9. I totally agree, I try and harvest at 50%clear 50% milky. I always harvest right away if I see an amber trich. The weed just really is better at this point in the plants development. I'm sure tons of ppl would argue this though.
  10. This is about right on I'd guess.
  11. This is nothing new. Every grower should know already that amber trichs will result in more of a stony couch lock, and the clear ones more of a cerebral head high.

    But the time you harvest won't have as much of an effect as the strain type itself... (indica, sativa, ind/sat domminent hybrid)
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    I dont think the debate is wether or not amber trich's casue more of a couchlock feeling, that is common knowledge.

    Can any of you speak to the chemistry going on? Seems like since some of you know so much, you could possibly enlighten us with what is actually going on.

    The part that I found interesting is that supposedly the ambers are more of a degraded THC. IS this degradation a slow morph into other type of cannabinoids? Or is it a degradation of THC??

  13. I'll see if I can find you a link that goes into detail with regards to the chemistry involved. If not, I'll try my best to explain. There are specific answers to your questions. Give me a minute. Maybe someone else will shoot you a link or explain it in the meantime.
  14. Thanks Stinkbomb! I've been curious about this for a long time.

    I'll talk with the PhD chemist that analyzes my herb and get his thoughts
  15. Great stuff everyone, this is what GC is all about!

  16. Marijuana Botany

    There is a pretty good guide, used for years by a lot of growers. As Clarke points out, it depends on the strain and the type of high you are looking for so taking a few test buds along the way will tell you when you should harvest the strain you are growing for the type of high you are looking for.
  17. excellent reply! exactly what I was looking for. I'm gonna smoke a bowl in honor of the awesomness of this response and the supremeness of GC!
  18. Thanks Fencewalker, great find.
  19. this contradicts everything in the stickies

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