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New Herijuana Pick Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by itsofficial, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I just got an eigth of this from a friend for $50. Here are some nugs I pulled out. There are alot of trichomes on this bud. I havent smoked it yet but I guess its suppose to be a heavy indica strain. I only have a few pics right now that are decent, but Ill probably post more later since I also got a pretty sick free pipe yesterday along with this.

  2. nice...where are you from. ive only heard of that strain being around my area once and cant wait till this makes it back here so i can try it.

    any info on smell since you havnet burned any yet
  3. Nice looking buds:hello:
  4. Im from Colorado. This strain just came in a day or two ago for Im pretty sure the first time. The smell is pretty strong, its double bagged right now and its somewhat creeping through both the bags from just those 3 little nugs. Very skunk like
  5. nice pickup bro. By the sound of it you should probably get yourself a jar triple bagging it just makes it go stale faster. Plus with a jar smell is not even a problem.
  6. post a vid of u smoking it. Herijuana is supposed to get u so high
  7. Yep thats a good idea. Ill have to try and see if I have one here. If not Ill just have to go get one.
  8. Looks like some knock you out purple sticky icky.
  9. That looks like the stuff my friend had the other day.
    It was so damn good
  10. #10 yzf2fiddy789, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009
    i got a BEECH NUT baby food jar from harris teet for 89 cent

  11. Thats terrible munchies

    jks :smoking:
  12. herijuana is the shit! really good.
  13. Thanks for the replies. The sad thing is, more than likely I wont have a chance to smoke this until monday morning...We have family in town, and we have to take them here and there and theyre staying with us, so someones always here. So in the mean time Ive just taken a few more pics, so here they are. Oh and I got the pipe for free, its really sick, its compact with a pretty big bowl, and this thing would be hard to break. As you can see I tried to clean it but the only thing I could really get right now is near the mouth piece. Haha so the glass is half clear, and half black.

  14. dankness!! I WANT SOME
  15. thats a good strain, it was one of my top picks and i plan on using soon :)
  16. Ahh word I see your from Colorado too so they have it up in Boulder too right now? Thats legit. My dealer could have traveled up there to get some, but Im towards Denver, and we just got it.
  17. We get everything in boulder lol.
    But if its the same...youre in for a real treat my friend
  18. what a stupid name..
  19. SAVE ME SOME!!!!

    No for real that shit looks delicious :hello:
  20. Haha I know, boulder has the headies constantly I hear. I have to take a day trip up there sometime and see for myself

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