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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Lil_joe, May 30, 2006.

  1. Hey, my names joe and im new to this site. I have a 2 plants right by eachother about about 2 1/2 feet tall each.They're my first plants. I have them in a creek behind my house where they get alot of sunlight. I was wondering. Is it true that you have to cut the top of your plant for it to start growing buds? And is there any other tips that you guys might be able to help me out on? Thanx.
  2. Hey buddy welcome to GC,
    No thats not true at all that u HAVE to cut the top of your plant off to get any buds, people do that because it makes the plant focus bud producing areas as i understand
  3. Thanx. DO you think it would be a good idea? Im growing regular schwag for now. I wanted to see if i could grow schwag before i try anything different. And by the way. Where do you get more potent seeds such as white widow and what not? Because eventually i would like to attempt growing a better strain of bud.
  4. Cutting the plant (and you have to do it the right way) is intended to induce the plant to grow more than one top. This is supposed to increase total buds once the plant does flower, but topping has little to do with inducing the flowering stage. That is triggered by hormonal reactions to light changes, from longer days of bluer light in early summer to shorter days of more red-spectrum light and longer nights in late summer and fall.

    With an indoor grow you can simulate these conditions anywhere on the calendar. With an outdoor grow I don't think you can flower right now.

    Tell us more about the plants -- are they sativa? When did you plant them? How many nodes? What is your general north-south geography? I am curious how far along they are. It's possible that you have a whole summer of vegging yet to go and then you will flower some 9-foot trees.
  5. I have been seein a lot of cops around my nieghbor hood lately. So im thinkin i need to move um. But they're right next to each other. Do you think they would be too tangled to seperate? Or would they be fine?
  6. dont try n move em their root masses are intermingled ...... you CAN induce them to flower if you were to put a trash can or somthing over them ... as long as the heat is controlled and topping the plant stresses the hell out of it but does increase yeild a little but i think id tie it down ...LST style ... cuz not only does this increase yeild incredibly .. it also makes it a little more difficult to spot in the open ground cover rather than a tree......... id tie em down n let nature take her course .......:smoking:

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