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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BlazedCannabis, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. hey, new to the city! hoping to waste a lot of time on here :p
  2. Sup! Welcome homie. What part of New England? I'm in CT.
  3. we are up in NH! (she is sitting next to me haha)

    my girl wanted to make an account and see what the city is all about.
  4. Hahah nice! My girl is constantly jocking on my account! I should make her make her own haha.
  5. yes! do it hahaha. ill let her hop back on later...maybe. im addicted to this so probably not
  6. Lookin forward to getting back to NH for some snowboarding this winter. Welcome to the city OP.
  7. I have been wanting to try Snowboarding forever!!
  8. Snowboarding is amazing. You guys are in New Hamsphire right? You should deff check out Mt. Loon. SUCHHH a good mountain. So many different trails for different skill levels.
  9. yea loon is good. its also worth the trip to killington for a day or two of good boarding. our buddy just moved out to truckee lake tahoe area to work at northstar resort...lucky bastard

  10. Damn that is nice as hell. I'd looove to work at a mountain. And Killington is good too. Closest spot to me is Mt. Southington. It's not bad, but it's deff not the best. Their black diamond trails are like blue squares anywhere else haha. But the terrain park is actually pretty good.
  11. GC's definitely not a waste of time (;
    Welcome! I live in RI btw, and I love going to NH to snowboard. I make a point of going to Loon and Cranmore at least once a season :smoke:

  12. Next time to go to Loon come scoop me first :hello:

  13. nice, i just recently made a trip down to RI for a show at The Met... saw a huge apartment fire when leaving at like midnight hahaha

  14. haha sounds good :D

    I live near the met, that was my house! :eek: haha JUST KIDDING. When was this?
  15. september when the black dahlia murder and cannabis corpse were playing. was a dope show!

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