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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by *ToadiE*, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Justs a little info on me....

    Ive been smoking for 3 years and have been in and out of rehab twice. I'm really blazed right now and im smokin Juicy Fruit. I am verry high yessss im very high.what the fuck am i typing? I have an idea! no one post unless they are high hahaha ok thats all.

    This is my favorite fimo :)

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  2. welcome to the city. glad to see you're enjoying yourself tonight :D
  3. Yeah...welcome to the City!!!
  4. Welcome, light up some bud sit back and relaxe in the city mannn..... :smoke::smoke:
  5. I'm not high, but welcome to the city!

    *Oh crap...I wasn't supposed to post here*
  6. Welcome to the city friend. Rehab.....?

  7. Welcome to the green city..Enjoy your stay!
  8. I've got a pipe that looks kinda like that! mines a little longer though[​IMG]

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