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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cultivationDude, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. I have chosen to become a member of grasscity cause i need some help with my third time cultivating !
    Could anyone give me some advice on some good Autoflower strains?

    I want somthing quick and bomb!
    And what nutrients i should use!
    Is Bud candy good? And Bid bud!?

    Please send me some thread replys!

    Btw Im Kyle !:wave:
    How are you all doing!
    Get me back thank's bro's!
    Im hoping for a good experience with on this site!:hello:
  2. Big Bud i was trying say hahah
    Little buzzed haha
  3. Is Bud candy good?


  4. Agreed...
  5. Good autoflower: dinafem white widow auto

  6. Im doing a fox farm grow!
    What is some good nutrients for a big yield grow?
    i have my card legalized to cultivate !
    How is big bud for a soil nutrient?
    Any option here boys?

  7. Ill check that strain dude!
    Looks amazing in pictures and i had white w be for but not a auto style!
    What do you think i should do about nutrients?

    I usually molasses rabbit!

    How is big bud?

    Or throw me some good idea's!
    cause im newish to the autoflower
  8. I used biobizz nutes on them, which is molasses based. They like light feedings alot of light.. not sure on the big bud.. autos I've done: pineapple express, WW, northern light X ak47, critical jack & la diva.. white widows been my favorite..

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