New here, sour kush/gorilla glue autos

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  1. hi, I’m about a month into my first grow, my babies are starting to show buds, some slight deficiencies on my tips now which may have come from a over nutrient batch 2 watering ago. Other than that they seem to thrive fairly well. My camera on my phones a bit shaky atm but I’ll try to get some nice shots.

    I’ve only pulled a few fan leaves to open space for my nodes to accept more lighting in them, any other tips?

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    A quick shot of overview and light on, I like to mention the seeds are growers choice seeds. I also have a little luck lately I had a random seed from my local dispensary I’m testing as an outdoor grow as well I’ll let y’all know how it progresses (about a week and a half in on that one)

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