new here-show ya what i do after work

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gemini420, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Hey all
    just sayin hi and that youll prob be seeing me around ;) Heres me and a nice bud that's gonna get SMOKED!!!
    LOL :)

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  2. What up yourself a fat nug, good shit.

    What you plannin on smokin that out of? What pieces do you own?

    I myself own a 15 inch bong, hits like a motherfcuker
  3. I useD my bong....thats usually the weapon of choice for me....mines smaller the 15 inches though :eek: LOL but its blue and always gets me high :cool:
  4. welcome to the city! wish i had a nice bud like that to smoke right about now. but no complaints here, i still got some heheheh
  5. My bong is blue too! :)
  6. Welcome Gemini - Enjoy iy. How ofen do you smoke?
  7. Thanks for the welcome all!! :D
    to answer that question...i smoke EVERY damn day!! LOL
    hope to see you all around! :wave: :smoking:

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