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New here. Not really a big smoker BUT...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Velle, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I recently got my license approved for medical marijuana for this annoying sleep disorder I have...

    Pharmaceuticals suck and sleeping pills don't work anymore. Weed is sort of a last resort since I've gotten panic attacks in the past when I smoke. Not sure how this will go, I've been mixing the weed with sleeping pills since the sleeping pills relax me I don't get panicky... But I need to come off the sleeping pills completely and I'm worried...

    Does anyone else get panic attacks from smoking pot? Is it mind over matter? Any advice?

    And since this is supposed to be an introduction, I'm 24 and I live in Toronto, ON :)
  2. Smoke less and you should be straight. I got a anxiety/panic attack when i smoked a ton with lower tolerance.
  3. yes, after I went without weed for a month, my cousin put a full gram instead of half a gram in a blunt once and I panicked, but I just calmed myself down after a nerve wrecking 15 minutes and just enjoyed the herb.

    you just gotta relax and enjoy this God given plant :) and you don't have to, but since you panic just don't smoke a bunch of weed right off the bat, you gotta take baby steps.
  4. well since youre smokin legally now whats there to be panicky about?
  5. True, smoking less makes sense. It's just taking that first baby step that's the hard part.

    And smoking illegally was never the problem... I moreso would think I was going crazy or I was going to die lol... Being high is weird to me I guess bc.I'm not really used to it.
  6. I guarentee that the reason you are like that is because subconsciously your thinking "omg...I'm high this illegal, immoral, and bad for my health." Though you may not agree this is the reason, I highly suggest doing alot of research and pot and finding out why it's illegal, why its a good thing, and how it's not bad for your health. Then, when you get home after a long hard day, sit down And lay back, maybe sip some warm tea and put on your favorite calm and relaxing music, and light up a bowl. Take a small pinch of ground weed and smoke it. Relax for about 15 mins and smoke more if you desire it. Repeat this daily until you decide you would like to smoke more, then do so. Oh, and watch some weed smoking vids on YouTube or something, then buy a good glass piece you see and like. Go buy it and enjoy

    .sorry for the long and detailed comment, I'm high...hehehe :stoned
  7. Upon further review, my last comment sounded retarded... Haha oops
  8. lol yes, you smoked too much.
  9. No worries, I appreciate your input.. I'm doing research as we speak... I think I'm more afraid now of my sleeping pill withdrawal after all this research.
  10. I have no clue how to respond directly to someone's post.
  11. I think I figured out how to respond directly to someone... Awesome
  12. It's okay, just click quote on the bottom right of the persons post.

    remember, If you're not comfortable with Marijuana yet, take baby steps and Welcome to GC! :hello:
  13. Thanks so much :) this is awesome. And will do with the baby steps
  14. Enjoy your mind trip,
    don't trip on your mind.
    No man alive can escape the war goin on outside.

  15. Yep, you got it man. Feel free to ask if you have more questions about how to use the forum. :cool:

    I agree with other people about maybe smoking less, I think one of the key things there is to try to use maybe a chillum or a glass pipe so that you can take one or two small hits and gauge how you feel before smoking any more.

    Also consider maybe trying a vaporizer, I experience a very different high from vaporizing than I do from smoking, it might be something that helps you. Maybe even very low potency edibles since you're using it medically.
  16. Thanks for the words of wisdom......
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    Yeah the vaporizer is a must... Docotor recommended it plus I suck at rolling... They're a bit pricey but I hear you get more of the THC. What exactly do you mean you experience a "different" high?

  18. I experience a different high from all sorts of different methods of using THC.

    My high from a pipe is different from my high from a bong, different from a vaporizer high, completely different from an edible high...

    I'd say that my high from a pipe is... a stoney mellow, while my high from a bong is a stoney intense. My high from a vaporizer is straight mellow, not very stoney. Actually when I've vaped in the past, the high has felt more like a super relaxing tea. Edibles are an extreme mellow to the point where they put me on the floor, but the ones I've eaten are always high potency. :p

    You just need to experiment and figure out what works best for you. :D
  19. Good advice. I know for sure I prefer using a bong from smoking a joint... It's just smoother... I haven't tried a vaporizer though.

    And unfortunately health Canada only offers the sativa which I hear causes more anxiety than indica ... I don't really have much choice so I'm taking what I get

  20. That's the thing about bongs though. You're smoking more weed faster than you would with a pipe (for instance) which can cause more anxiety if you're prone to that sort of thing.

    But I prefer any kind of glass over joints/blunts, so I can relate. Have you tried just a glass pipe?

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