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  1. Was given 3 clones in red cups and transplanted them to these pots.

    They are being grown outdoors. I am in California so getting some nice weather. Days are warm right now so I'm making sure they are well hydrated.

    All 3 are the same age but are growing at completely different rates I have no idea why.

    Thanks for looking and any suggestions or questions would be much appreciated.

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  2. Nice healthy looking plants. Welcome to GC!
  3. Thank you. I look forward to learning from experienced growers and all who have advice to offer!

    All 3 look female to me so far....pretty sure I wouldn't be given 3 female clones but you never know!
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  4. If they're clones, hopefully they all should be female. Wouldn't be nice to give somebody male clones... They look great to me. Careful not to overwater. Easy mistake to make in the beginning.
  5. I water about every other day. Make sure to have some good run off in the reservoir and that's about it. Had them outside a few weeks now.
    Thinking about adding some fertilizers. Any suggestions?
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  6. Kelp, humic acid. L-amino acids (protein hydrolysate). Those can be bottled or in a soluble powder, which is cheaper. I use them in a foliar spray, but they can be watered in too.

    Personally I would throw some worms in there and feed them a bunch of dry amendments. But I'm one of those crazy living soil guys...
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  7. good looking plants!

    I'm not one to have growing advice, though :confused:

    welcome to GC! you're off to a good start with those pics :)

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  8. Love the worm idea!!! I am a saltwater guy so I love live rock! Live sand! Live everything!!! Lol live soil sounds really cool. what are the main benefits?
  9. Thank you very much! Having a great time watching these ladies progress in the natural outdoor element. I put a small base layer of Laval rocks at the bottom of my pot before I put soil down for more oxygen and proper drainage. Has anyone ever done this or think it's a good idea?
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  10. Reuse your soil forever and it gets better every time. Dirt cheap (after start up cost). Excellent quality and flavor. Earth friendly. Ancient magics. 0920181250.jpg
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  11. Lava rocks are a great idea. I layer them through all my pots.
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  12. Welcome In.
    If you can ask the clone supplier what light schedule they were under. It'll make a difference in the advice I offer.
    1. What general part of California.
    2. We are almost out of veg time anyhow with just 2-3 weeks left at best.
    3. if it doesn't freeze where you are you can light them up as long as necessary to veg them to a respectable size and then kill the light and let them flower.
    I'm currently using this to hold my plants in veg as they were grown under 24-0 and would have flowered as soon as they had the first night.
    Just 3 CFLs is all it takes to keep my weed patch under enough light to stay in veg as long as I want.
    I'll shut off the lights in another 2 weeks and let the plants flower at the normal time and they'll finish mid to late Oct.

    An all to common issue with moving clones outside is they are used to a longer day. 18-6 being the most common but 20-4 and 24-0 are seen as well.
    What that does is trigger flower as soon as they are set out since to them fall has arrived and it's time to flower.
    Clones are mature at any size and will flower at the slightest mismatch in lighting hours.

    Plants intended to be moved outside to be most successful and not trigger preflower are grown at 15-9 or16-8.
    14.5 is the trigger point for most strains with a few plants triggering at 15 anyhow. The closer you can run in veg and not trigger the better the set out on June 1st.

    So on unknown clones it's best to take no chances and light them up just to be sure. There is a bit more to it then that but that is enough of the basics to confuse you completely. Doesn't take much light. About 3x what the moon puts out when full.

    This 70 lumen walk light is enough.
    Next we'll talk about Powdery Mildew and Caterpillars.
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  13. Thank you for all the amazing info.

    I am in Los Angeles. I have alot of research to do in this hobby. I was given these clones with info and without being prepared. Doing my best and trying to soak in as much knowledge as I can.
    I def will get some lights set up. I love knew right away that I was starting a little late in the season but I didn't think it would be a huge deal. I am a little confused by the veg state...when do I know it's that time??? And how exactly is that done??? Is the light for night time?

    I am also getting about 10 hours of direct sunlight and leaving them in same place at night. Is it a good idea to have them under a screen or some sort of mesh awning?
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    Had lots of catterpillars!

    Do you apply bt thuricide more than 1x weekly if it rains?
    I was thinking about hand watering my in ground plants with a hose but thatd take like an hour!

    Right now i use a sprinkler to hit the whole garden. Chlorine from my water cant be good for soil organisms either can it

    edit- i also have green cure and neem oil that need weekly apply.

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  15. Nothing crazy about that that must mean I’m crazy too

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