new here need some help on my guerrilla grow

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  1. Hi my fellow stoners from grasscity:wave:
    I was posting on OG back in the day and decided to join grasscity since you have a nice community going on:hello:. I live in Spain :cool: and want to start my first guerrilla grow. I have done indoors in the past a few times. I was reading you guys specially my paisanos catharys and corto and I have a few questions...
    I am growing some sweet thai plants and I was wondering if i must bring my own soil into the wild because I think that they should be fine with the soil that's there on the spot. I have a few sites and im going to be planting 2-3 plants per site. One place is an abandoned farmhouse in a hill and the other places will be spots on the hill. Since im new to outdoors i have in mind watering max once a week, can i still get a decent harvest?
    And i dont want the plants to grow straight up like trees, instead of stressing the plant by pulling it im a fan of topping it is that ok? Has worked for me indoors...
    What other strains you recommend that are strong, productive and resistant (resistant for plagues and other weeds fighting for resources) for a nice warm and humid climate? Im gonna go back to my growshop and buy some feminized seeds plus make my own clones of the sweet tai that im already growing at home.
    Ok all suggestions are more than welcome thanks :smoking::smoking: :D
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    Not in my experience, here in the hot Spanish summer. If I do not water every 24, my girls are wilting by 36. They will be burnt to a crisp in a week.

    And welcome to GC. I was an OGer as well, many years ago.
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    I water a lot (2,5 gallons per week per hole or per plant) and it lasts 5-6 days in hot summer in a 6-8 hour direct sun spot.
    I love Spain but I don't live there. My weather is similar.
    Use a peat based (water retaining mix) (peat, promix) or add water crystals (may affect taste though). You can also line the bottom of the hole with clay or a few newspapers to retain more water. Don't mix a lot of clay with peat in the hole. Use water plugs for pots. Always have mulch to keep water longer and avoid temperature variations.
    You can restrain your plant's growth like indoors but being there only once a week, you might not be able to control the height as much. Depends on if you fed in veg, pots or hole, strain etc... So LST is good when you want to hide it and couldn't fim/top it as much as you wanted. Stop fimming a few weeks before flowering.
    Welcome to GC.
  4. Thanks Cantharis and Corto Malteze for ur advice and 4 welcoming me here :D:smoking: good luck with this years grow, Ive seen cantharis huge monster pot lol

    I got news, I spent today the whole day at my hill :cool: im happy because I found one spot that is great because it is hard to access, its stealth and gets plenty of sun. It's like a little land on a hill that is protected by cactus and sugarcanes making it hard to access. I checked for steps or marks and they were none near my spot, nobody has been there at least 4 the last 3 months. got enough water available to give the plants like 3 litres a week each. Only problem is that there is a water plastic pipe belonging to some farmer that goes through my spot but i figured as long as it works the farmer wont check inch by inch his pipeline lol
    So now all i have left to do is make some clones out of the sweet tai from sweet seeds. And buy another strain (feminized seeds) that is resistant to mold since im in a humid region. My budget is kinda tight lol i can't be investing too much money right now im looking at cheap options for seeds. For nutes im gonna give them fish mix for vegging and bio bloom for buding those are my favorite choices keeping it simple and organic. Will fish mix attract bugs? Fish mix has been good to me indoors so i wouldnt mind using it outdoors, is it ok u think?

    And another thing on my mind is how to transport the plants to my spot, im thinking of using a backpack with the plants in plastic bags with a bit of soil.

    Let me know what u guys think thanks :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: peace
  5. Hello my friend from the east or in your case west!!!:D im excited to see your grow:hello:!!!! ahhhhhhh:smoke:
  6. i watered once or twice per month an ended up with a plot with an 8 ft tall 6 ft wide bush. i had to cut it early because it molded which sucked cuz i could have got a lot of good bud off it if i hadnt. i suggest you find a strain that suits your area and is not susceptible to mold as much. depends on your area how much you water. if your in the desert, more watering is prolly needed. the NE area, a few times per month is fine
  7. Bucanero, I don´t think you will have any concerns with mould.
  8. whatsup guys!!
    I purchased 5 feminized white widow seeds from greenhouse :smoke: I was convinced from what everyone says: nice high, high production, quick harvest and very resistant. Them 5 seeds cost me 30euros... So this year im growing sweet tai and WW!

    Should i make a new thread for my grow? I guess.
    Anyways theres too much time ahead, I will take lots of pictures of my grow op so u guys can see whats going on.

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