New here..loves my hobby:)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SubAngel, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. New to the site and thought I'd join so I had some support however anonymous this is. Better to talk with a support group and chat than to talk to friends who have no idea what I do ;) LOL...guess we'll see how this works.

  2. support group? is the alcoholics anonymous? LOL

    welcome to the city! :smoke:
  3. HA! It's rough when I can't discuss anything I do with anyone close to me because..OMG...I'd be such a horrible person in their eyes. lol Thanks for the welcome :) And being a grower on top of it, sometimes I just want to show off what I have done and I can't. Sooo frustrating!
  4. Ohhh so none of your "friends" know you smoke. Ahhh you've come to the right site. And fuck your so called friends if they would judge you for smoking the herb. And with all that said, welcome subAngelita.
  5. Oh, they know I smoke sometimes. It's the growing....
  6. hi, my name's bonghits14, and i'm a pothead
  7. Well we all love our local growers! And welcome to the community! Feel free to bust out all about your crop and lets help you to make it better!!
  8. Thanks Unseen. I don't think I do to bad. I've always had a connection to plants..can hear them talking to me. :) Each one has their own personality. I hope most growers can say that because it is so awesome!
  9. Oh yeah there are plenty of people like that. the whole reason why i have grown is because it has came so natural to me
  10. It's natural as I have always been good growing was a great adventure learning about a plant that I never really considered to get to know. lol And yes...I am high. lol
  11. :smoke:Who isnt on this site?
  12. Awesome! I was talking high to a good friend and she is like you are so poetic sometimes. I said..well, I am High! lol

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