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New Here just wanted to say hello

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MagiCxFlight, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, its me Magic Flight, as you can guess named after the magic flight launch box, which was my first vape. After many hours and hundreds of forum posts later as a lurker, I decided to finall join this community and partake from the wisdom of my peers as I hope to gain further insight on the mass of information here to improve my herb use
    Just wanted to say hello!
    A question to keep the thread active, any halo reach players? or black ops for xbox?
  2. Sup son, yea I play both actually. Reach is starting to lose it's fun though.
  3. hah whats up guys, and responding to Rza,, yea ur right but then i tried lighting up and doing action sack.
    ever tried playing hockey on a vape high? its the most epic thing ever

    and Oxford your sigs hilarious
  4. Hey hey, welcome man! Make sure to check out the rules, and see how everything works around here. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  5. Welcome to the GC :D
    And to answer your question ya I play some black ops from time to time. I'm pretty beast not to toot my own horn
  6. any one else have an magic flight launch box?
    it is a gift from god if you need to be sneaky

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