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New here, just wanted to introduce myself

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Harley Dent, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. hey all, just moved to new jersey a few weeks ago, and  finally  got internet here yesterday. and happened  to find this place. anyone here live in jersey ?

  2. well hello there :hello:
  3. welcome new blade!
  4. Welcome! Enjoy the site!
  5. Welcome. I have family and friends all over NJ and Long Beach Island is the shit if you like mini-golf. Weird alcohol laws though, I remember having to drive to PA to buy beer for some strange reason. (I can buy beer at any corner store 24/7 in NY)
  6. thanks! and that is weird, they sell it in the shoprite where i am in jersey lol
  7. Welcome. Used to be in camden area. Lived in jerz all my life until recently.
  8. man, i live in nevada, and we can get booze 24/7 too. but i used to live in az, and the southern united states(tennessee and such) there were dry counties, where they still dont have legal alcohol to sell, its pretty lame, but eh whatever, ill take a bowl anyways haha

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