New Here from NJ

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hal_bandy, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. hello everyone I am new here from NJ. Look forward to learning a bunch on this board.
  2. whats up man im from new york but go to school in jersey. waiting to finish up my first experiment outdoors.
  3. well okay then. I live in somerset county, so if you go to the school that starts with an R we are like neighbors. would like to be a test subject in your experiment
  4. I hate New Jersey, but I live here too. Welcome to the boards! :wave:
  5. Welcome fellow jersey blade.
  6. can you guys give me any recommendations for good liquid fertilizer, im growing in soil
  7. Same here! lol. Welcome! :hello:
  8. wtf lol, go to the growing section and ask that.
  9. :wave: yay for another NJ blade! welcome to the city
  10. Hey welcome! I'm from NJ to haha
  11. Welcome to the boards. What town in Somerset are you from? I used to live up in Hillsborough, the buds were usually mids-dro but I could find some dank on occasion.

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