New here, from Austin Tx!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KB Korner, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. What's up!
    I'm new here, from Austin Texas!

  2. Whats up man I'm new here too, and from Austin as well. What part are you in?
  3. Hellz yes! South Side!
  4. Ahh see I am up North West. Maybe well run into each other some day and smoke a bowl.
  5. whats up and welcome!
    I just moved to austin,tx ... got in today and its so badasss
  6. Austin great you'll love it.
  7. welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay at GC!
  8. I can't find shit for dank. I stay at university towers and am having a hard time getting nugggss. blah efoijaweofiajfiaeoi
  9. Lots of good shit up north.
  10. lucky you.. im freaking out here
  11. atx for life!!

    south sideeee :)

    whos goin to ACL?
  12. New here as well, but sadly have to break up the south love fest... Long Island New York, Whats good GC
  13. new here too, from austin.

    love it here, but i have the same problem finding dank. and if i do come across it, i NEVER have the money to buy it right then. horrible paradox im stuck in. lol mostly just find ditchweed eitherwise. :/

    wheres the best place in austin for everyone around here to get yummy shit?
    north side? (like from Pflugerville down to St. Johns)
    south side?

    i've found the best shit on the south side.
    home grown, where you actually know the strain.
  14. Hey, just ask around really. Try around the UT campus.

    Just roll a few spliffs (shwag if you have too), find someone cool, smoke them out so you know they are cool, and they know you are cool, and ask if they got a dank hookup cause all you can get is shwag!

    Really it's all about who you know, so just get to know people, make friends, then you will have the hook ups for parties, smoke, and anything else you might want.
  15. Ohh wow, this is my thread.. >.>

    Forgot and wasn't paying attention, must be them headies..

    Yeah, north side here, but all my dank connects are south side, lol.

    I chill at pipes plus often, maybe I will see someone there, good hookah bar! Maybe we will smoke a bowl together sometime then! Raves, Keggers, and 6th street, be there!!!!

    And hell yeah I am gong to ACL, specifically going to see MGMT and The Butthole Surfers. I'm going to see lots more, but those are the ones I want to see most. I plan to trip with Lucy at MGMT! Keep an eye out for a guy who goes by 'Joker' and a guy who goes by 'Slick' (Me).

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