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NEW help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viBe, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Im new to the smoking world my friend has some good Maryjuwana and im thinking about smokin for the first time any suggestions on how i should and where so i dont get arrested and go to jail for years?
  2. safest place possible. friends who have their own house/parents don't care. definitely the best place. if you're new you might freak out a bit so make sure you're not by any authorities or anywhere would they would notice you going all wooo and shit. you won't go to jail for years..don't worry haha
  3. you wont go to jail for years, but most definitely your first time wants to be as stress free as possible dont smoke anywhere where you don't feel comfortable, smoke with sumone you trust and is experienced can explain what your feeling and that it is normal.. he/she should know what to do if you freak out. a lot of new tokers dont get high could it could be you just didnt get high or you didnt inhale correctly, ive been smoking for 2-3 years now and after i take my hit i will inhale a little air as if im outta breath and im just takin a short little breath of air, this will force the smoke into your lungs where it will take affect most beginners will inhale hold it in their mouth then exhale wasting a hit.. remember that wierd feeling your overcome with after 5-10 minutes of smoking your bowl,blunt, or joint is just you being high sit back and enjoy the ride, it never gets better then your first time
  4. hmm.. i sure your friends know a cool spot to toke at,but if there dumbasses then i guess w8 till one of ther parents are not home and smoke there.and try to actully inhale,it might be hard for to do so,after taking a hit take another breath just to make sure it went in.
  5. Also, be sure to have water/drinks and snacks/food BEFORE you smoke up. Because once you are high, you will want them, and it's a lot easier if you prepared them beforehand. Also, don't smoke any more then a gram your first time.
  6. goo big or go home haha

    ah yes buy this hat too

  7. Most important thing is to smoke in a place your are familiar with and more importantly comfortable with. The same holds true for the group of friends you are with; make sure you are comfortable around them and trust them otherwise you may become slightly paranoid while high.

    Other than that enjoy yourself, in my opinion its more important that you just embrace being high than worrying about your friends, the cops, etc. Don't worry about the police because assuming your friends aren't dumbasses you guys will be in a safe place.


    especially if your scared of being caught. more than likely you'll be paranoid and think EVERYONE knows your high, and they are ALL out to get you.

    I've been there before...

    these days though ... it aint nothing but a G thang BBBBAAABBBEEEHHHH
  9. o yeah,lets us know how it was man:hello:

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