New Heady slide - "Voodoo doll" by: GHOST [many hi-res pix]

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Five To One, Feb 23, 2009.

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  2. It's.........BEAUTIFULLLLL!
  3. That, is sick.
  4. That thing is fucking creepy!

    EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!

    thats boner inducing dude

    +rep for that sexy motha fawker
  6. that bowl is so wicked. congrats on the pickup. ghost does some great work. thanks for the nightmares 521, just playin. take it easy bro. that slide is ill.
  7. sick Ghost! its huge on that tube!
  8. awesome choice dude, i saw that one and it kinda freaked me out,lol. the alien one was pretty crazy too, all his work is creepy.:eek: nice pic by the way
  9. Awesome awesome awesome!
  10. Now that is fucking cool.
  11. Muchas gracias guys, i <3 this thing too. =)
  12. that's a sick ass slide!

    is the bowl basically the perfect size for snappers, or is it bigger than it looks? Either way that's a sick ass slide
  13. nice slide!

    But the bowl looks small as fuck.
  14. If you fill it up all the way it would be a huge snap, but i full it up about 3/4 and its the perfect snapper size.
  15. It's "head"-y... get it?
  16. Where could you buy something like that? online or local?

  17. I know where he got this slide, and he's lucky that he hopped on it faster than i did! haha Sickk slide 521 i love that one. Ghost kills it, literally, plain and simple. i would rep you but you have too much bro!
  18. Damn, that's cool. This guy ever do zombies in the same style?
  19. thanks dude, i pmed zim. it's pretty funny, 3 other people told me the were about to buy this slide lol. I am sure i will get bored of it sooner or later.:rolleyes:
  20. wow, ghost does the most amazing slides, and this one is defintly no exception i love it.
    reminds me of that new movie coraline haha if your stoned and want to go see a movie that will have you trippin see that its awsome.

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