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    I just got a new push slide by El Hefe... Should arrive in the next couple days...


    It has a clear rim around the type of the slide; the bowl is stylized though. I love the colors. El Hefe's line work is some of the best I have seen. His lines are so clear and distinct.
  2. That's a damn Beauty.
  3. looks great, good choice
  4. I have realized that most things in my life and collection are a little dull when it comes to colors. I own lots of blues, greens, grays, etc. I need something a little more vibrant.
  5. fuck me those are some wicked colors dude, El Hefe always does it big with his color schemes but that one takes the cake, im still in love with his windows he does, breathtaking they are. + rep man, it would take me an hour to hit that bowl if i had it, i think i would just get mesmerized by the colors and forget i was smokin,lol.:p
  6. Thanks you guys.

    I love how the slide has the uniform spirals of black, yellow, and orange alternating with flat white that are covered in the multicolored swirls. His line work has a 3D effect to it; this slide "jumps" out at you.
  7. beautiful is the word i was looking for 17 minutes ago.
  8. was that the one from BF or SMG? i remember seein it up somewhere; anyway that thing is sick! i love the rainbow window swirl he did. u are so right his lines are tighter than a 9 year old's pussy :cool:

  9. smg...
  10. thats nice i really like tall bowls
  11. I really like the shaping on his new slides.

    When he was first getting good at slide making, his Teks weren't as tight, and his slides would come out huge. He's definitely tightening up his style.

  12. ya that is some sweet double layer inside out work. those take a long time to make, and a considerable amount of skill to pull off. props on the purchase
  13. Does anyone know how the line work is done when its made? I can't even fathom how people are able to make stuff like that...

  14. I would go look at glass blowing forums if you're interested in details.
  15. any glassblower will tell you that its magic, and like magicians we never reveal our secrets... seriously everytime i explain it to someone, about half way thru the explaination their eyes glaze over from sheeer boredom. hearing about or watching glassblowing is like hearing about or watching grass grow. the end result is the cool part, not the act itself.
  16. Evening bump...

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