New Heady Piece...with pics

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  1. My new piece just got it like an hour ago.  Wish I had a nail to use it but I use a honey bucket so I have to stop by lhs tomorrow  but anyways, loving this guy.
    Cap'n Crunk Astronaut Dunny - 

  2. More pics some air trappings in arm 
    He's studying the mystery known as mothership.....I think he likes what he sees
  3. Fuckin so dope man! Congrats on your heady pick up

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  4. It's 1/3, signed.  I think these are the other 2 of this series
  5. Too sick man

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  6. That is sick looking


    Maybe I'm way to high but could someone fill me in on what I'm looking at? Lol. Brain hurts trying to figure out how it works.
  7. Dome is on the back. It bubbles into the body then smoke travels through the head and I believe you hit it through the ear

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  8. Oh fuck me. It's even sicker now lol
    Here's a vid from the guy I got this from:
    globbinh00d, there's 2 videos there, you can see the smoke coming from the eyes and mouth and filling up the head., yeah the mouth piece is his left ear.
    Tomorrow can't get here fast enough, need to go get a nail to use with this piece.
    There's another youtube vid of a girl hitting this dunny, google space alien dunny youtube.
  10. Ohh I see. It's much bigger than it looked to me in those pics. I thought it was small like the size of a large slide.

    That thing is beautiful, congrats on picking that up! Won't lie I'm pretty jealous haha
  11. Yeah the guy I got it from wanted to get an elks that runs peach recycler.  He's got it up on his instagram, click the name Globbinhood to see it.
    ETR has helped me get a klein torus and now this dunny....I love them haha.  But if you want to check out something sick, take a look at ETR nano perc.  
    There's just waaay too much glass I want right now. I need to chill.
  12. Elks That Run is Fucking so dope! That nano perc is 'tarded, in a good way lol

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    Okay, I keep looking at this guy, his right ear, the top is concave and acts as a magnifying glass for the air trapped bubbles..
    hard to get a good pic of this but
    looks like trichs to me

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