New Heady Nug Jar With Blown-In Magnifying Lens *Pics*

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by trikky, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What up GC? I just picked up a new nug jar. It's got some really nice reversal work, and good millie placement. The beast part is the end that is clear, is a magnifying glass so you can get a really good look at your nugs. Pretty fun feature, if you ask me. Anyways, it hold about an eigth, which isn't a whole lot, but I usually keep my personal stast of really heady stuff in there. I got some Samlon Creek in it at the moment.

    Anyways, I thought you all might like it, cause I haven't seen a nug jar with the magnifying lens posted up in a while (maybe ever... I dunno).

    Here's the pictures-

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  2. best nug jar ive seen, very nice
  3. Excellent jar, but just dont leave it out in the sun, and toast your nugs.
  4. LOL! I hadn't thought of that, too funny.
  5. that would terrible if the nugs caught fire from the magnifying glass and the sun, then you open it up to a pile of ash. i would have to laugh something like that off...
  6. idk if ur nugs would actually light on fire because there isnt too much oxygen or airflow inside that container. Im not sure tho, Anyways nice jar w/ nugrascope
  7. false


  8. You remind me of Dwight Schrute... lol

    I know it couldn't happen. I would have to be a fool to leave my nug jar just sitting outside in the sun anyways! Light and oxygen are the biggest degraders of THC.
  9. Thats awesome... wish i had something that sweet... i just got samich baggies =(
  10. Nice jar, I have a small plastic jar wit a magnifying lid.
  11. Sweet dude. Is it airtight? I imagine you would know that it would be a requirement, and it proabably is airtight.
  12. Omg! You could smoke out of ur jar!!!!!!!!!!! That would actually work!!!! You could (put 2 holes in the top! One for draw and a tube for air! It would be like a vape! U woodnt need a lighter!!!! The magnafiying glass would work!!!! Omg u shood try to light it! Or atleast light ur weed with the jar,...... I would!!!!!!

  13. calm yourself youngling.
  14. for real man its just a stash jar. chill.
  15. sorry but thad be kfcukin sweeeeet
  16. sick jar man, i really need to get away from the pill bottle and get a legit jar.
  17. trikky doesn't need to smoke outta the jar...he has plenty nice glass. :D

    Nice jar :) I wonder if that strain is named after the Salmon Creek beach on the Sonoma Coast just about 45 minutes from me.
  18. Yes, it is

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