*New Heady El Hefe Push Slide*

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  1. I posted a couple pictures a few days ago... Now that I actually have the slide, I figured I should post a few more. I love this slide. It is so beautiful.

    El Hefe
    Push Style Slide





  2. Damn, sick slide man
  3. That last pic of it makes itlook SO crazy!

    I love it!
  4. sick ass slide, man. excellent purchase
  5. sweet hefe snag, anything in that marble?
  6. His signature. It is so sick. I couldn't get a good picture of it. But his name is written inside of the marble in light blue, purple, and a light pink. Even his signature demonstrates craftsmanship. I love that he signed it.

  7. mattc has a slide w/ his name in the marble, it looks so fucking cool.
  8. that slide is the epitomy of glass art
  9. word thats awesome, yea you didn't show it in the pics :p
  10. that is a great slide man, im getting a hefe next... something like this, it is so beautiful.
  11. I don't understand how the guy does it. The lines are so tight and so distinct; if I didn't know better, I would assume some type of laser was used.
  12. Sick slide bro. :smoke:
  13. It's a little known secret, but all super talented glass artists actually shoot ninjas who have laser beamz, all from their finger tips.

    yup, that's how they do it.
  14. The last pic is a good representation of the detail worked into the piece, but the colors are over exposed. The colors are slightly darker and richer than how they are depicted in the last picture.

    She is beautiful. El Hefe is a champ...

  15. i fuckin knew it man! its a conspiracy!!!:smoking:

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