New Heady (Buckeye 10" bubbler)

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  1. so was looking through trikky's thread and was inspired to buy another heady piece. really spur of the moment kinda thing y'know. :p

    I found a pretty nice bubbler done by buckeye online for $145. its my second heady and very first bubbler. the marble sig is hard to make out in the photos. "max 09". it was difficult getting a shot because its really reflective.

    now because everyone did such a good job coming up with the name of my other heady Nightmare, im asking you all to do it again.

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  2. Beautiful! Did you get it from SYG?
  3. yeah man. they seem to get some pretty nice stuff from time to time.
  4. The way its made and colored reminds me of lucid dreams
  5. Taking off the lucid dream idea Im going to submit "The Dream Machine".
  6. hows about I go with this only pronounce is like cheech's love machine and go with "The Dream Much-een"

    whacha all think?
  7. I vote "Dream Much-een"
  8. Such a nice bubbler, and that bowl is amazing. Great buy my friend.
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    thanks for the compliments and such everyone. the work could be cleaner in some spots but I imagine thats why it was priced the way it was. way better than my local shop could provide. they'd easily charge twice as much for something like this.

    but it hits really nice. im smoking some pretty old mids. and if it can smooth out those hits I recon its gonna be great for hash and danker buds.
  10. Beautiful piece, brother. Cherish it.

    The overall quality of Grasscity's glass seems to have REALLY gone up in the last year or so.
  11. Thats a thing of beauty!
  12. dat sum praise from Caeser? j/k.

    I think everyone should go out and "get some heady".:p (ah, see what I did there?:ey:)

  13. I was just thinking that today, shit is poppin!
  14. thats a sick bub the carb in the front of the bowl?
  15. amazing bubbler my friend, happy toking.
  16. yeah man its right under the bowl. its a good size hole too. pretty easy cleaning once I get a G-spot rubber stopper. though its pretty easy to clean as is.

    thanks again everyone.

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