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  1. what's up fellow blades! I'm getting my christmas list together and at the top of it is an upgrade to my car audio system. I'm not looking to go balls out, I just want to improve the factory speakers/head unit, and eventually the rest. But for christmas I am going to ask for a head unit/two speakers to put in the front doors. I've narrowed down to 2 bundles that include a head unit and 2 speakers and would like some help as to which one to go with. (other suggestions are open!)

    Kenwood KDC-108 CD Receiver/Speaker Package Includes KDC-108 CD receiver and KFC-G1620 6-1/2" speakers at


  2. Get a head unit that can control and charge your iPod. My Pioneer DEH-2200UB only cost me something like $80. That and some Kicker 6.5" speakers are what I'm running.

    Don't fuck with Walmart shit, especially their Boss/Pyramid/VR3 shit, it's all cheap crap and isn't worth it. I had some VR3 speakers and they blew in a week.

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