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New Hash Need Help (pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Method07, May 12, 2010.

  1. i appreciate all your guys help im gonna pack a bowl of this stuff that i made before my history class tonight. gotta love college. ill let you guys know how it is. also thanks for all these methods and knowledge haha ill be sure to give it all a try

  2. Wrong. Pressing Kief can be as simple as putting it in a glass vial and slamming it on granite until it forms a solid chunk at the bottom. Also, you can buy a pollen press for $20-$30 at any headshop which is a very simple instrument that applies pressure to your kief through a screwpress that makes it a compressed form. No sophistication or knowledge of science needed.

  3. There are lots of different methods of making some form of hash some ave very basic n some quite sophisticated the quality n Thc content can vary greatly the finer the mesh used the less plant material gets thrugh so say using bubble bags with 4 compartment can leave you with 3 diff grades of hash. the bottom collection will be smaller but higher thc content.

    resin from pipes is completely different
  4. hmmm... that sounds kind of odd... something about glass vials and slamming on granite, lol

    word, there are more expensive presses that are good for this, but for the most part, simple presses will not give you real hashish. Real hashish, like nepalese temple ball hash. Yeah, you go compare the two. As I said, Morocco, boys, morocco

    Look, if you guys are so interested in contributing to this thread, why not post links, rather than flame me endlessly. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are mostly disagreeing over terms, a ridiculous semantic debate
  5. #25 ZEROorDIE, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    OPs hash looks just fine to me. probably pretty dank if it was made with sour D keif

    you need to stop posting.

    pressed keif IS real hash in the most basic definition

    a temple bal is just keif man handled until many of the trich heads have burst and it "melts" into a ball with a nicely sealed skin

    any press will make real hash, the quality of the press has nothing to do with the quality of the hash

    i press my keif into hash all the time as it makes it easier to transport and it burns slower

    there are many ways to make "Real hash" so stop just spewing whatever random thoughts come out of your mouth into this thread, hash doesnt have to be from the middle east to be real, people allover the world are making it in their own home due to the masssive quantity of knowlegde and cheap products available on the web such as

    BHO and extractor tubes, bubble bags, bubble boxes and other keifing boxes.

    and why would we post links when there is an entire section of the forum dedicated to processing you material into hash or oil, Harvesting and Processing - Forums

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