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New Hash Need Help (pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Method07, May 12, 2010.

  1. alright guys so ive been smokin for years and years and years now. however, i have never made hash before, up until about twenty minutes ago. im not sure if its done right or if my final outcome is proper as i havent smoked it yet but id like to know your guys opinion. these pictures that i have show a little of the hash that i made now its not the prettiest of hash thats for sure but again this is my first time. i was just looking over youtube videos after smokin a blunt of sour d's and figured why the fuck not i never did it before. anyway what the video showed me to do and what i did was take the kief from my grinder and take a rolling paper, put the kief in the paper and roll it very very tight and twist the paper at both ends, then with a lighter heat not burn but just heat almost as if you were drying a blunt after it is being rolled, heat the kief in the paper for a little and then let it sit for about a minute. i let it sit and this was my final outcome..

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  2. personally, I'd have to tell you, that making hash from "kief" is pretty retarded. If you've got top quality kief from your sour diesel--consider yourself fortunate to have access to a decent strain--if you have kief from this, either by way of settled particles from your grinder, or from accumulated separation via a coffee grinder (the best way, helps you learn about bud structure and science, too), just hit that stuff! preferably, out of a bong or a vaporizer (don't smoke in a joint, its ineffective and a waste, as far as I'm concerned, with kief). Now, in terms of making hash, if you want to do that, you should explore the methods of cold water filtration or QWISO, which you can search for, and you will not be disappointed if you are perseverant enough, especially with quality sour diesel. But don't be foolish, pressing your kief is not going to get you anywhere, unless your in Morocco.

  3. so are you basically telling me i just wasted all that perfect potent kief :mad:
  4. well... you be the judge of that. It might still be salveagable, but yeah... if I were you, I'd heed my advice. But don't get down. You have it good! Lots of great bud, great kief... and, with the help of cold water filtration or QWISO (i'll post a link soon) you'll find that you've been in good hands all along. But yeah, sorry to disappoint you. I'm sure you worked hard.
  5. you may not believe it, but that hash below, believe me, I have a lot of experience in the world of kief, hash and even pure thc resin (!!!), and this hash below is the real deal. I would "kill" for some of that stuff, wow. Just a bit of it would get you blown.

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  6. on the qwiso method, make sure that the wash is brief as advised in the instructions, and be careful because alcohol is flammable and there might be fumes in the room where you're conducting the evaporation, so don't light anything in there or you might blow shit up. Also, you've got to be really patient to not only let the alcohol completely evaporate, but to let the gunk that becomes the hash, to let it dry. But if you're patient enough, by the time its dry, you're going to be a very rich man. You know, like that one Beatles song "Baby You're A Rich Man," by which I mean, you'll be sitting on a treasure trove of hashish. Maybe call your girlfriend over, lol.

  7. haha absolutely:smoking::bongin:
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    Hash IS pressed kief. Thinking it's not is pretty retarded, to use your own words.

    Bubblehash is kief separated via a variant of the cold water method.

    Most hash is made via sifting kief from buds and/or trimmings.

    Things like BHO and QWISO aren't hash at all. They are forms of hash oil.

    Watch and learn son.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to make hash from trimmings?[/ame]

    EDIT: Not to mention that you don't lose anything by pressing it, so I'm really not sure where you got the ideas that led to your ignorant post.

    EDITED EDIT: Looks fine to me OP, but take a look at the Harvesting and Processing section here for several good stickies on making Hashish and Hash Oils.
  9. #11 douchebag5000, May 12, 2010
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    well, you're right as far as we're talking about plant essences, kief and hash are both "plant essence." But in the same sense, hash oil is no different from these products, also being "plant essence." and for people like you who have the financial fortune of being able to grow and deal with large amounts of quality marijuana--Thus, my little bit about not being in Morocco--you missed the practical language of what I was trying to convey, spoiled as you are in your ziggurat of ganja. But, practically, for a small-timer like the OP, my advice holds true, taking your "kief" as I described it, and trying to heat press it... is not very prudent. I mean, the methods employed in the video are a lot more sophisticated than the crude ones employed by the OP, as I said, we're not amongst the pros in Morocco here. But, do as you wish.
  10. shut up fool stop spreading missinformation
  11. i have to agree with one thing i saw OSG say, your posts are ignorant in this thread, you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. people press hash into kief all of the time, heat pressing helps to make the hash a more firm and whole material.

    but OP next time you get maybe .2-.5, you aughta just try taking the flat end of a colored pencil that fits snuggly into a straw, cut your straw down to about 2 inches and pour all of your kief into the straw (being sure to hold it vertically on a table). then just press down on it with your pencil very hard for just a minute, it works just as good without wastin one of your papers. (not that that method's a mistake, ive done that a few times with GREAT results):smoking:

    this is just a simpler method to help ya out and keep douchebags like douchebag5000 from gettin on your ass for no reason.:rolleyes:

    mighty fine lookin hash though, go ahead and smoke a big bowl, or try some knife hits, that's always fun with hash:wave:
  12. theres an oxymoron:rolleyes:
  13. take it easy boys, I think there's truth to what I said, I stand by that. Great qwiso thread, btw ziggurat man.
  14. um, it's not an oxymoron because resin, as a vocabulary term, can be used in terms of "plant essence" not just tar that accumulates in your pipe. If you've ever used, for example, a globe vaporizer, by way of the laws of physics, the quite pure vapours, some of them, will condense and adhere upon the dome container, over time and this results in a very pure "resin" or buildup, that is, probably quite a high percentage of THC, as high as 100% THC Oil (necros) | "Honest and Accurate"
    given the consistency and texture

    second of all, it is true, for that I am wrong, that kief can be pressed. however, it is not an easy process, it requires sophistication, proper techniques and knowledge of science to do appropriately, none of which you mean spirited posters have provided (links, etc.).
  15. WTF is plant essence? Is it another term for trichs?

  16. ^this. you just sound silly man.

  17. Lol im sorry, but you really need to do some research, resin, is not the same as SMOKE RESIDUE in a pipe, that people call resin. The definition of resin used correctly, is an excretion from plants, so yes trichomes, which are thc, are the resin, of cannabis. Kief is the term used for whatever reason, and when your using something like cold water wash, the idea is to knock the trichomes off, when using ISO, or butane, or even ether or chloroform for the purest, you are infact making hash oil, not just hash.... its much more pure tho so i dont see why that would matter.... Pressing Kief is more just a way to make it easier to store, move, use. If you only have kief.... Smokin it is more useful, unless you have like oz's of it
  18. 100% resin... you will not get 100% THC no matter what method, theres a few people in the whole world that no how to and have the technology to make budder which ranges from 90-98.9%.

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